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Barton, Sir Edmund,

1849–1920, Australian jurist and statesman. He was a leader in the movement for Australian federation, and became the first prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. He was knighted in 1902 and the next year was appointed justice of the High Court.
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Which commonwealth nation was founded in 1901 with Edmund Barton as the first prime minister?
From left: Sir Edmund Barton; Sir Samuel Griffith; Richard O'Connor
At the 1897 federal convention he was almost unanimously selected for the drafting committee, and with his close friends Edmund Barton and Richard O'Connor he moulded the Constitution into acceptability.
As Bastian points out, whilst Fisher, along with Edmund Barton and Robert Menzies, was able to choose the time of his departure, there is a sense in which he fl ed, badly letting down both his party and his country.
He offered his collection for sale to a number of colonial politicians, bureaucrats and librarians but was politely rejected or, in the case of Prime Minister Edmund Barton, completely ignored.
In 1900 Edmund Barton became the first Prime Minister of Australia.
The order, received in cooperation with Frenger Systems Ltd, covers delivery of Plexus active chilled beams for the Edmund Barton Building in Canberra.
Growing up in Louisiana started Edmund Barton Bullock on his way to becoming a Francophile.
(56) After all, the then Chief Justice, Sir Samuel Griffith, had himself been the acknowledged leader of the Convention of 1891, Sir Edmund Barton had been the acknowledged leader of the Convention of 1897-98, and Richard O'Connor had been one of Barton's closest associates.