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Barton, Sir Edmund,

1849–1920, Australian jurist and statesman. He was a leader in the movement for Australian federation, and became the first prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. He was knighted in 1902 and the next year was appointed justice of the High Court.
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It found no breaches but identified a couple of problems concerning unskilled employees on the refurbishment of the Edmund Barton Building, occupied by the Australian Federal Police.
At the 1897 federal convention he was almost unanimously selected for the drafting committee, and with his close friends Edmund Barton and Richard O'Connor he moulded the Constitution into acceptability.
He offered his collection for sale to a number of colonial politicians, bureaucrats and librarians but was politely rejected or, in the case of Prime Minister Edmund Barton, completely ignored.
In 1900 Edmund Barton became the first Prime Minister of Australia.
1901:What happened in 1901, the year Louie was born: January 1 - The commonwealth of Australia is formed with Edmund Barton becoming its first Prime Minister.
Brewer Robert Cain and Seasoned Pioneers in Liverpool and Edmund Barton and Baroncroft in St Helens are among 2 0 north west organisations selected by the North West Fine Foods initiative
Shown in the photograph with His Royal Highness are Edmund Barton Fairhurst, grandson of the founder and Managing Director of Bartons, and his daughter Joanna Jenner, a Director.
NEARLY 100 years ago, Edmund Barton and his wife Lydia produced their first batch of pickle in their St Helens terraced home.
IEUAO Sir Edmund Barton First Australian Prime Minister, 1901-03.
Geoffrey Bolton, Edmund Barton, St Leonards, 2000, Allen & Unwin, ISBN 1 865 08409 3, RRP $39.
In 1900, Edmund Barton became the first Prime Minister of Australia.
Weeks before the Christmas rush, staff at the Edmund Barton pickle factory in St Helens stepped in with supplies to branches of Sainsbury's.