Edmund Ironside

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Edmund Ironside,

d. 1016, king of the English (1016), son of Æthelred the Unready. Contrary to the wishes of his father, he married (1015) the widow of Siferth, a Danish thane, and was accepted as ruler of the Five Boroughs of the DanelawDanelaw
, originally the body of law that prevailed in the part of England occupied by the Danes after the treaty of King Alfred with Guthrum in 886. It soon came to mean also the area in which Danish law obtained; according to the treaty, the boundary between England and
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. When CanuteCanute
, 995?–1035, king of England, Norway, and Denmark. The younger son of Sweyn of Denmark, Canute accompanied his father on the expedition of 1013 that invaded England and forced Æthelred to flee to Normandy.
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 invaded England in 1015, Emund led the fighting against him. However, the people apparently felt that he was a rebel against his father, for he found it hard to gain a following without his father's aid. At Æthelred's death (Apr., 1016) Edmund was proclaimed king in London, but most of the nobles gave their support to Canute. Edmund continued the struggle with great courage (which earned him the appellation Ironside) and considerable success until he was defeated in the disastrous battle of Assandun (Oct. 18, 1016). He and Canute agreed to partition the country, but Edmund died the following month.
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The notes on these lines take up 66 pages and Eric Sams's toothcomb justification, 'The Case for Shakespeare', a whole 76 pages - unanswerable to my mind, even as Sams's 1985 justification of a less accomplished work Edmund Ironside has so far remained unanswered.
A Edward the Elder, B Edward the Confessor, C Edmund Ironside, D Edward the Martyr.
PROFESSOR TAYLOR described Dr Eric Sams's case for attributing the anonymous Elizabethan drama Edmund Ironside to Shakespear speare as `relentlessly partisan argument'.
6) Thus, in his response Dr Sams proclaims wrongly that I started by taking a view opposite to what he terms my `current claim that Edmund Ironside cannot possibly be by Shakepeare'.
The Morton-Merriam method identified Edmund Ironside as the work of Robert Greene, not Shakespeare,at odds announced(14) as 890 million million million to 1.
A fierce battle raged during the 1980s between Dr Eric Sams and reviewers over his support for Everitt's attribution(1) to Shakespeare of the undated anonymous manuscript play Edmund Ironside.
It is therefore particularly appropriate for problems such as the authorship of Edmund Ironside for which evidence is already strong.