Edmund, Saint

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Edmund, Saint

, d. 869, king of East Anglia
Edmund, Saint, d. 869, king of East Anglia (855–869). He was supposedly martyred by the invading Danes for his adherence to Christianity. His shrine was at Bury St. Edmunds. Feast: Nov. 20.

Edmund, Saint

, 1170?–1240, English churchman, archbishop of Canterbury
Edmund, Saint (Edmund Rich), 1170?–1240, English churchman, archbishop of Canterbury, b. Abingdon. He taught at Oxford. A forceful preacher, he successfully preached (1227) the crusade against the Saracens. Edmund was made archbishop in 1234 and mediated the peace between Wales and England. His zeal for reform antagonized Henry III who, to isolate St. Edmund, secured from Rome a papal legate sympathetic to himself, with jurisdiction over the archbishop. His episcopacy thus neutralized, St. Edmund retired reluctantly to Pontigny, a Cistercian abbey in France, where he died soon after. Feast: Nov. 16.


See C. H. Lawrence, St. Edmund of Abingdon (1960).


Edmundston (ĕdˈmənstən), city, NW N.B., Canada, at the confluence of the St. John and Madawaska rivers, at the U.S. border. It has a large pulp mill and is a railroad center and hunting and fishing base. Settled c.1785 by Acadians, it was known as Petit Sault to the French and Little Falls to the English before being named in 1850 for Sir Edmund Head, later governor-general of Canada.
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* Nursing Education Advisory Committee (currently recruiting a nurse from UdeM Edmundston or Shippagan (Bathurst site) and a nurse responsible for continuing education in a practice setting)
2007: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Universite de Moncton, Edmundston Campus
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Un autre phenomene important est ressorti lors des entrevues: la plupart des travailleurs sont demeures longtemps au service de l'usine d'Edmundston. Certains y sont demeures plus de 50 ans (16-23), d'autres plus de 40 ans (5-6-7-9-10-11-22) ou encore plus de 30 ans (13-14-15-19-20-24) (11) .
The letter was signed by six bishops: Francois Thibodeau (Edmundston, NB), Bertrand Blanchet (Rimouski, PQ), Nicola De Angelis (Auxiliary, Toronto), Marcel Gervais (Ottawa), Pierre Morissette (Baie-Comeau, PQ), and Alfred Sutton (Keewatin-Le Pas).
Located in Saint John, Moncton, Newcastle, Bathurst and Edmundston, these offices help to facilitate contact with industrial clients.