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(both: īdyo͞omē`ə), mountainous country, called also Mt. Seir. According to the Book of Genesis, it was given to EsauEsau
[Heb.,=hairy], in the Bible, son of Isaac, who sold his birthright to his younger twin, Jacob, for lentil stew and who was tricked by Jacob out of his father's blessing. Also known as Edom [Heb.,=ruddy], the disinherited Esau settled on Mt.
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, also called Edom, and his descendants. It extended along the eastern border of the Arabah valley, from the Dead Sea to Elat. Edomite history was marked by continuous hostility and warfare with Jews, Assyrians, and Syrians. At the end of the 2d cent. B.C., they were subdued by Hasmonaean priest-king John Hyrcanus I, forcibly circumcised, and merged with the Jews. HerodHerod,
dynasty reigning in Palestine at the time of Jesus. As a dynasty the Herods depended largely on the power of Rome. They are usually blamed for the state of virtual anarchy in Palestine at the beginning of the Christian era.

Antipater (fl. c.65 B.C.
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 the Great was Idumaean. The Romans grouped Idumaea with Judaea and Samaria in one procuratorship. After the destruction of Jerusalem, Idumaea was included in Arabia Petraea.



(Greek, Idumaea), an ancient country in Southwest Asia, south of Palestine, between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba; named for the Edomites.

In the second half of the second millennium B.C., the land was settled by the Edomites, who united to form a state in the late second millennium B.C. In the 11th century B.C., Edom was subjugated by the tribes of Israel. It paid a tribute to Assyria from the ninth to seventh centuries and to the neo-Babylonian kingdom in the seventh and sixth centuries. Together with the Babylonians, the Edomites laid seige to Jerusalem in 586 B.C. and destroyed the city. By the late sixth century they governed part of southern Palestine.

When the Nabataean kingdom was formed in the late third century B.C., much of Edom was incorporated into it. With part of southern Palestine (capital, Hebron), western Edom became the independent kingdom of Idumaea. In the late second century B.C., Idumaea was conquered by a Judean king of the Hasmonean dynasty, and the population was converted to Judaism.

Together with Judea, Idumaea was subjugated by Rome in 63 B.C. and became a Roman protectorate. King Herod I was an Idumaean. In 106 A.D., a large part of Idumaea was incorporated into the Roman province of Arabia.

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The chalice also refers to Jaakob's confrontation with his brother Edom, in which they reconcile and drink from the same cup (Werke 5:75).
The story thus anticipates, as it were, the later bloodshed that there would be between Edom and Israel (Jacob so fears his brother's blood revenge that on his return, he divides his party into two camps [Genesis 32:7]), as mentioned, for instance, in Psalm 137:7 (cf.
Ironicamente, la unica referencia a Edom apunta a la direccion contraria.
10) For Poe, the obscurity of the curse of Edom (and of all prophecies) is 'part of the 'essence' of biblical prophecy (RS, 554).
Scholars have long argued about whether Edom was organized early enough to have threatened the Israelites.
0] = 0, lo que seria equivalente a decir que [rho] = 1, lo cual indica que la serie es no estacionaria, y en consecuencia la varianza de esta serie podria ser infinita y cualquier perturbacion estocastica haria que no se retorne al nivel medio (Gujarati, 2004; Yusuf y Edom, 2007), esta situacion de no estacionariedad no tendria una representacion de correccion de error (Engle y Granger, 1987, citado por Yusuf y Edom, 2007).
Famed knifemaker Dan Harrison of Edom, Texas, says the perfect hunting knife is "slim and lean" for cutting without drag.
SCE also signed a new contract with Chateau Energy to purchase 15 MW of power from a biomass facility in the Mesquite Lake area of Imperial County and signed an amendment to an existing contract with Edom Hill that will allow Edom's wind project to increase its capacity to 20 MW by "repowering," upgrading technology to more efficiently capture additional wind energy.
A more independent lifestyle gives you the fre edom you need but does it give you the love?
Por lo semejante, durante la epoca Biblica, los Israelitas tenian que pasar por la tierra de los de Edom en el camino del rey.
On July 1, 1954, Saheki observed another flare, this time at Edom Promontorium; it lasted only 3 to 5 seconds and attained a maximum brilliance estimated at half that of the south polar cap.