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Rod, Édouard


Born Apr. 31, 1857, in Nyon, Switzerland; died Jan. 29, 1910, in Grasse, France. Swiss author writing in French.

From 1878, Rod lived in Paris. An adherent of naturalism, he wrote intimately psychological novels and short stories that revealed his pessimistic outlook. He is also the author of literary critiques.


Là-haut. Paris, 1897.
La Seconde Vie de Michel Teissier [15th ed.] Paris, 1912.
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La Vie privée de Michel Teissier, 2 1 st ed. Paris, 1930.
In Russian translation:
Voprosy zhizni. Moscow, 1894.
Potok. Moscow, 1903.
Svobodnyi brak. [Moscow, 1910.]


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Edouard Rod en affectant un esprit grossier et superficie
While Gabriel Sarrazin, Edouard Rod, and William Ritter were so enthusiastic that they transposed themes and images culled directly from the Pre-Raphaelites into descriptive sequences in their own novels, Camille Mauclair could be dismissive and Octave Mirbeau was invariably scathing Yet the fictional works of both these writers also contain allusive evocations of the paintings they affected to despise, so they too paid homage of a kind.
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