see IdrisiIdrisi
or Edrisi
, in full Abu Abdallah Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abdallah Ibn Idris Al-Hammudi Al-Hasani Al-Idrisi, b. 1099?, d. after 1154, Arab geographer, b. Ceuta.
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The Arabian Edrisi portrays it under the name of the Gulf of Colzoum, and relates that vessels perished there in great numbers on the sandbanks and that no one would risk sailing in the night.
According to this, it is impossible to accept the theory that the continent is Australia, which could only become known through the circumnavigation of Africa, that is from the west, or from the travels of former explorers such as Edrisi, Marco Polo and others who, however, could only have known it from the North, but from the character of the outline of the land it follows that it was discovered from the eastward.
Basmah Mosleh Omair, Executive Director of Al-Sayedah Khadijah Bint Khuwailid Businesswomen Center; Samia Edrisi, Founding and Board Member of Businesswomen's Forum in the Eastern Province and CEO and Board Chairman of Eastern Forum Company for Advancement and Development; Raja Easa Al Gurg, President of Dubai Businesswomen Council and Managing Director of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, and Fatima Al-Jaber, Chief Operating Officer, Al Jaber Group and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council.
Our own John Graham Hall sings Edrisi, the King's adviser.
Somayeh Yousefi, 28, and Jafar Edrisi, 29, met nine years ago on top of Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran.
En efecto, podemos enumerar 3 libros de Barbado (26), 1 de Brennan (27), 1 de Castellani (28), 1 de De Lavassiere, 5 de Edrisi (30), 1 de Dwelshauvers (31), 2 volumenes de un mismo libro de Frobes (32), 5 obras de Gemelli (33), 1 de Genta (34), 3 de Wilson (35), 4 de Jolivet (36), 1 de Lorenzini (37), 13 de Maritain (38), 3 de Meinvielle (39), de Mercier (40) tres titulos, 4, 3 y 2 veces respectivamente repetidos --por lo que podriamos suponer que los facilitaria para consulta de alumnos, cuando la biblioteca de la universidad aun no estaba tan nutrida-, tambien encontramos 1 libro de Micote (41), 1 de Misiak (42), 1 de Moore (43), 4 de Nuttin (44), 1 de Sepich (45), 1 de Soaje Ramos (46), 4 de Quiles (47), y 1 de Ubeda Purkiss (48).
The twelfth-century Arab geographer Edrisi also reported 'Malai' as a large island off southern Asia full of gold, spices, elephants and rhinoceros.
Tenor Ross Neill, who recently sang the role of Edrisi in Opera in Concert's King Roger and Don Jose in Opera Mississauga's Carmen, made his Cleveland Opera debut in May as Cassio in Otello.
Lo acompana unicamente su consejero Edrisi, encarnacion simbolica de la sabiduria.
The two main non-Polish soloists are Philip Langridge, as persuasive and intelligent as ever in the role of Roger's adviser Edrisi, and Thomas Hampson as Roger himself, appropriately troubled and vacillating, a sorrowing intellect confronting the stirring of the senses.