Eduard Brückner

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Brückner, Eduard


Born July 29, 1862, in Jena; died May 20, 1927, in Vienna. German geographer and climatologist. Son of A. G. Brikner (Brückner).

Brückner studied at the University of Derpt and finished his education in Germany. He was a professor at the universities of Bern and Halle (1888-1904) and the University of Vienna (from 1906). He is known for his studies of periodic climatic changes (the so-called Brückner cycles), eustatic fluctuations of the sea level, and the Ice Age in the Alps. He was coauthor of the alpine scale of glaciations (the Penck-Brückner scale) in the Anthropogenic period.


Klima-Schwankungen seit 1700. Vienna-Olmütz, 1890.
Die Alpen im Eiszeitalter, vols. 1-3. Leipzig, 1901-09. (Together with A. Penck.)
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Fleming is the recipient of the Eduard Bruckner Prize for his "outstanding interdisciplinary service in climate research."