Eduard Fueter

Fueter, Eduard


Born Nov. 13, 1876, in Basel; died there Nov. 28, 1928. Swiss historian and journalist.

Fueter graduated from the University of Zürich and taught history at the university from 1903 to 1921. Between 1904 and 1921 he held the position of political editor of the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung several times. Fueter’s History of the New Historiography (1911) went through several editions in a number of countries. He also produced studies on 16th-to 20th-century Switzerland, on medieval England, and on Italian 16th-century and French 16th-to 19th-century historiography. Fueter attached great significance to the influence of ideas on the historical process and often ignored the importance of socioeconomic factors in the development of society.


Weltgeschichte der letzten 100 Jahre, 1815–1920. Zürich, 1921.
Geschichte des europäischen Staatensystems von 1492–1559. MunichBerlin, 1919.