Eduard Winter

Winter, Eduard


Born Sept. 16, 1896, in Grottau (Hradek nad Nisou), Bohemia. German historian (German Democratic Republic [GDR]). Member of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR in Berlin (1955).

Winter was a professor at Prague (from 1934) and Halle (from 1947), and in 1951 he became a professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin. His numerous works are devoted primarily to the history of the cultural and scientific ties between the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe (especially Germano-Slavic ties), as well as to church history. Winter won the National Prize of the GDR in 1956.


Russland und das Papsttum, parts 1-2. Berlin, 1960-61. In Russian translation: Papstvo i tsarizm. Moscow, 1964.
Der Josefinismus: Die Geshichte des üsterreichischen Reform-katholizismus 1740-1848. Berlin, 1962.
Frühhumanismus. Berlin, 1964.
Frühaufkldrung. Berlin, 1966.
Frühliberalismus. Berlin, 1968.
For a complete list of Winter’s works, see Ost und West in der Geschichte des Denkens und der kulturellen Beziehungen: Festschrift für E. Winter zum 70 Geburtstag. Berlin, 1966.
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Fundaminski builds on the classic studies of Eduard Winter to show in concrete detail the ways in which the Halle community communicated with Russia and how they endeavored to circulate their works.