Eduard Bauernfeld

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Bauernfeld, Eduard


Born Jan. 13, 1802, in Vienna; died Aug. 9, 1890, in Oberdöbling, near Vienna. Austrian playwright.

Bauernfeld studied jurisprudence in Vienna. His satirical comedies are filled with liberal criticism of cultural reaction. Among the comedies are Bourgeois and Romantic (1835), Diary (1836; Russian translation: A Good Head on His Shoulders, 1878), The Adult (1849), and Crises (1852; Russian translation: Hard-won Happiness, 1878), as well as novels such as The Freedman (1875). Bauernfeld is the author of a book of memoirs entitled Old and New Vienna (1873).


Gesammelte Schriften, vols. 1–12. Vienna, 1871–73.


Zentner, W. Studien zur Dramaturgie E. von Bauernfelds. Leipzig, 1922.
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The residual mystery--a reference by Eduard von Bauernfeld (shortly after Schubert's death) to two symphonies dated respectively 1825 and 1828--was solved at about the same time by the identification of a surviving sketch (D 936A) as the true 1828 symphony (realized from the piano sketches by Brian Newbould and published as Symphony no.