Grade level

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Grade level

The level of the ground around a building.

grade level

The level of the surface of the ground after the cut and fill process has been completed.
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The Arab African International Bank (AAIB) recently launched its Edu Invest loan programme, which covers up to 100% of students' tuition fees for different educational stages.
It's also not right for there to be more female than male students across all educational stages and yet for women to be kept marginal in society.
He also lauded HRH the Prime Minister's unflinching keenness on honouring the graduates and top achievers in various educational stages.
Director of Education in Hasaka, Elham Sorkhan told to SANA on Tuesday that 74 schools were reopened in Tal Barrak where 154 teachers of different educational stages have joined their tasks.
Dr Shaikh Sultan reiterated that the AUS is committed to maintaining standards of excellence across all educational stages.
18 (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, and Omer Al-Basher has announced that the families of the martyrs are excempted from school fees in all the educational stages .
The vast majority of the Copyright Alerts delivered to account holders - more than 70% - occurred at the initial educational stages , with less than 3% of the Alerts sent occurring at the final mitigation stage.
Prior to the reception of pupils, school administrations will finalise all teaching plans and schedules of the new school year, including lists of students enrolled in different educational stages, extra-curricula activities and the distribution of books, which are given free of charge to students.
The Ministry of Higher Education provided a presentation on the National Strategy for Education 2040, included major objectives for the strategy that seeks to build an effective system for the management and governance of the education sector, high rates of enrolment in the various educational stages and defining roles and responsibilities of relevant government units and institutions to ensure harmonization between the outputs of the education system and the requirements of sustainable development in the Sultanate and the needs of the labour market.
I bought some of searchlights for my house costing LE500 ($73), because I have three sons in different educational stages, and I want to provide more light for them," said Mohamed Helmi, a civil servant.
The campaign includes integrated programmes for schools and varsities according to the educational stages spanning the entire academic year, over and above the campaigns launched by the traffic department in cooperation with partners in the Ministry of Interior and Dubai Police," Maitha said.

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