Edvard Bull

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Bull, Edvard


Born Dec. 4, 1881, in Christiania (Oslo); died there Aug. 26, 1932. Norwegian historian and political leader. Professor (from 1917).

Bull was one of the leaders of the Norwegian Labor Party and in 1923 became its vice-chairman. In January and February 1928 he was minister of foreign affairs in the Hornsrud government. As a historian, Bull was primarily concerned with problems of Norway’s social development during the Middle Ages. He tried to reexamine these problems from a Marxist point of view.


Folk og kirke i middelalderen: Studier til Norges historie. Copenhagen, 1912.
Sammenlignende studier over bondesamfundets kulturforhold: et arbeidsprogram. [Oslo], 1929.
Det norske folks liv og historje gjennem tidene, vols. 1-2. Oslo, 1931.