Edward Bates

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Bates, Edward

(1793–1869) public official, cabinet member; born in Belmont, Va. A Missouri state legislator, U.S. congressman (Whig, Mo.; 1827–29) and moderate voice in antebellum politics, he attracted national notice with an 1847 speech. In 1860 he unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination. He was Lincoln's attorney general (1861–64)—the first cabinet officer from west of the Mississippi—but resigned after his influence eroded because of his opposition to government wartime practices. Back in Missouri he opposed the post-war policies of the Radical Republicans.
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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He is survived by three sons: Edward Bates Chapman, Alfred Foster Chapman and Winston Gwathmey Chapman, step-children, grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
Chase and Edward Bates lacked the aptitude, William Seward left such matters to Thurlow Weed, and Simon Cameron was too corrupt and too public with his machinations.
Abraham Lincoln's attorney general, Edward Bates, argued the president had the power to suspend habeas corpus on his own authority, given his unique oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution," while members of Congress, like all other public officials, are only required to take an oath to "support the Constitution."
The name 'Bellefield' dates back to ancient maps of the West Derby area and the first building to bear its name was a merchant's house owned by Edward Bates.
"Am busy as hell," he wrote (Letter to Edward Bates 6 March 1918).
Edward Bates: Also, many in the North see freed slaves as competition for jobs.
Lincoln selected four of his political rivals to serve in his Cabinet: Salmon Chase (Secretary of Treasury), William Seward (Secretary of State), Edward Bates (Attorney General), and Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War).
Waves generated by the storm surge from Hurricane Gustav crash over the newly-rebuilt Ken Combs Pier in Gulfport, Mississippi.; Pictures, James Edward Bates, Eric Gay and Andy Newman; Meteorologist Brian Mayer examines a video monitor, giving an enhanced satellite image of the Atlantic Hurricane Basin and showing, (from left)t, Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna and newly named Tropical Depression Nine.
George Edward Bates, 74, of Wern Terrace, Roger stone, Newport, was given three penalty points on his licence and fined pounds 60 with pounds 15 victim surcharge after admitting failing to comply with a red light signal.
Another sale of local significance was in 2006 at Gyrn Castle at Llanasa, near Prestatyn, when Christie's sold property owned by the family of prominent Liverpool ship owner Sir Edward Bates. In order to make the sale worthwhile, the auctioneers included property from two other historic Welsh houses: Nantlys Hall at Tremeirchion and Mostyn Hall, Flintshire, together with objects "found" in the attics at Capesthorne Hall, near Macclesfield, the home of the Bromley-Davenport family.