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Burne-Jones, Edward Coley


Born Aug. 28, 1833, in Birmingham; died June 17, 1898, in London. English painter and graphic artist.

In 1859 and 1862, Burne-Jones worked in Italy. He was influenced by D. G. Rossetti and belonged to the younger generation of the Pre-Raphaelites. Characteristic of Burne-Jones is a mannered and artificial stylization of the painting of the quattrocento, which gives his symbolist pictures on lyrical and legendary themes the decadent features of the salon style. Burne-Jones’ works include Love Amid the Ruins (1893; Tate Gallery, London), watercolors (done chiefly between 1864 and 1870), illustrations (The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, 1896; done in collaboration with W. Morris), and designs for stained-glass windows, tapestries, and mosaics (for the Morris workshops).


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Meanwhile he had formed friendships with the slightly younger artists William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, and they established a company for the manufacture of furniture and other articles, to be made beautiful as well as useful, and thus to aid in spreading the esthetic sense among the English people.
Fel arfer, rydym yn son am ffenestri lliw o wneuthuriad Morris & Co, ond yn amlach na pheidio y cynllunydd yw Edward Burne-Jones, a mae cynlluniau Burne-Jones yn amlwg yn Llandaf.
Sat, Sep 12: Tours 11am, 1pm & 3pm 16 Cook Street, Liverpool, L2 9RF All Hallows' Church, Allerton The most notable feature of All Hallows is the collection of windows designed by Edward Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris.
St Philip's is a rare example of elegant English Baroque architecture and home to a set of stained glass windows by Birmingham artist Edward Burne-Jones.
Webb also designed St Martin's Church in Brampton, Cumbria, which boasts stained glass windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones and made in the William Morris studio.
In fact two of the earliest acquisitions were contemporary textiles--William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones tapestries, Flora and Pomona.
The church contains some of the finest ecclesiastical artwork in America, including stained-glass windows designed by William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and John LaFarge.
The title of the show's return episode is inspired by 1873 painting "Love Among Ruins" by Edward Burne-Jones.
The Pygmalion series, 1878, by Edward Burne-Jones, part of the Exposed exhibition at Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Isabella and the Pot of Basil by Pre-Raphaelite painter William Holman Hunt is part of a new display of 18th and 19th Century paintings, appearing alongside works by John Martin and Edward Burne-Jones amongst others.
Novelist Padgett Powell won the fiction prize for his book You And I, while Fiona MacCarthy took the biography prize for her book on the British artist and designer Edward Burne-Jones, The Last Pre-Raphaelite: Edward Burne-Jones And The Victorian Imagination.