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While Edward Eyre displayed an enlightened view of the Aborigines: 'It is most lamentable to think the progress and prosperity of one race should be the downfall of another.
On Eyre's career as a colonial administrator, see Julie Evans, Edward Eyre, Race and Colonial Governance (2005).
United fan Edward Eyre, 62, of Hayfield, Derbys, took in the magnificent view of the Kremlin from a pavement cafe and said: "It is a wonderful place to come and visit.
Evans, J 2005, Edward Eyre, race and colonial governance, University of Otago Press, Dunedin, 197pp, ISBN 1877372072
British colonial administrator Edward Eyre is variously portrayed as a human and brave protector of Australian Aboriginal sovereignty or as the "Butcher of Jamaica" for his controversial of a rebellion in Jamaica's Morant Bay at the end of his career.
Phipps replaces Edward Eyre, who retired his directorship in December.