Edward George Gibson

Gibson, Edward George


Born Nov. 8, 1936, in Buffalo, N.Y. American astronaut and scientist.

Gibson graduated from the University of Rochester in 1959. He received a Ph.D. in engineering and physics from the California Institute of Technology in 1964.

Gibson was named to the astronaut corps in 1965. While a member of the corps, he conducted research in solar physics and plasma physics. From Nov. 16, 1973, to Feb. 8, 1974, he flew with G. Carr and W. Pogue as a member of the third crew to man the Skylab space station, which had been launched on May 14, 1973. Gibson’s flight time was 84 days 1 hr 16 min; he made two space walks, spending a total of 10 hr 3 min outside his spacecraft.