Edward Granville Browne

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Browne, Edward Granville


Born Feb. 7, 1862, in Uley, Gloucestershire; died Jan. 5, 1926, in Cambridge. English orientalist. Studied medicine and Eastern languages. Traveled through Iran (1887-88). Gave courses in Persian and Arabic at Cambridge (1888-1925).

Browne concentrated on the study of the culture and literature of the peoples of the Middle East. His four-volume work, A Literary History of Persia, is of great scholarly value; it is filled with factual material and traces the development of the literature from earliest times to the 19th century. His work, The Persian Revolution, also contains much factual material; however, it exaggerates the importance of the clergy and liberal circles and minimizes the role of the democratic strata in the revolution of 1905-11. In his works on the Babists and Babism, the Babist movement is considered only as a religious movement, and its social nature is ignored. He translated and published many works of Persian and Arabic literature.


A Literary History of Persia, vols. 1-4. London-Leipzig-Cambridge, 1902-24.
A Year Amongst the Persians. Cambridge, 1927.
The Persian Revolution of 1905-1909. Cambridge, 1910.
The Press and Poetry of Modern Persia. Cambridge, 1914.
Materials for the Study of the Bábí Religion. Cambridge, 1918.
Arabian Medicine. Cambridge, 1921.
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One such man was Edward Granville Browne, born in Newcastle, England, in 1862, who left school at the age of fifteen and went on to become one of Cambridge University's most eminent scholars.