Edward Hincks

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Hincks, Edward


Born Aug. 19, 1792, in Cork; died Dec. 3, 1866, in Killyleagh, County Down. Irish Orientalist.

Hincks made a major contribution to the decipherment of Elamite, Accadian, and, to a lesser extent, Urartean cuneiform. Hincks discovered Sumerian cuneiform.


On the Hieroglyphic Alphabet. [Dublin] 1847.
On the Assyrio-Babylonian Phonetic Character. [Dublin] 1850.
Assyrian Mythology. Dublin, 1853.
Assyrio-Babylonian Measures of Time. Dublin, 1865.
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The correspondence of Edward Hincks; v.3: (1850-1856).
Adkins explores his relationships with Irish scholar Edward Hincks, Austen Henry Layard, who excavated Nineveh, and their roles in deciphering cuneiform.
INDIVIDUAL: Edward Hincks,Liverpool,for his work with CHICS,helping families whose children have cancer; Maureen Inniss,Liverpool for her work to help people in need; Jim and Frank Rourke,Formby,for building up Formby Junior Sporting Club.