Edward Lear

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Lear, Edward,

1812–88, English humorist and artist. At 19 he was employed as a draftsman by the London Zoological Society; the paintings of parrots that he produced for The Family of the Psittacidae (1832) were among the first color plates of animals ever published in Great Britain. Lear is best known for his illustrated limericks and nonsense verse, which were collected in A Book of Nonsense (1846), Nonsense Songs (1871), Laughable Lyrics (1877), and others. He spent most of his adult life abroad, and wrote several illustrated journals of his European travels, e.g., Journals of a Landscape Painter in the Balkans.


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A fine view of Beirut in Lebanon was undertaken by Edward Lear in 1858 and in a letter he commented: "So fine a view I suppose can hardly be imaginedAa.
View of Damascus, Syria was painted during a brief stay by Edward Lear in 1858 following his visit to Lebanon (estimate: $6,100-9,000).
Quoted in Philip Hofer, Edward Lear as a Landscape Draughtsman (Cambridge: Harvard Univ.
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The exhibition of around 50 works, including sketchbooks, watercolours, gouaches and large-scale engravings, showcases artists such as Salomon Corrodi, Louis Ducros, Edward Lear and Amadeo Preziosi, whose pioneering travel resulted in essential references for their patrons.
Edward Lear in Albania: Journals of a Landscape Painter in the Balkans.
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