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Sheldon, Edward (Brewster)

(1886–1946) playwright; born in Chicago. His output is divided between social realism, such as The Nigger (1909), which confronts issues of racial purity, and love stories, such as Romance (1913), his biggest success.
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Police were called after an alarm went off at King Edward Sheldon Heath Academy in Sheldon Heath Road, Garretts Green, just before 5am, on Wednesday.
Maggs' side took the lead after only minutes when Jack Preece intercepted a pass and quickly off-loaded to a resurgent Edward Sheldon who ran over on the right wing for a converted try.
White New Yorkers discovered that Harlem cabarets were the "in" places to go by means of a limited number of sources, notably the trend-setting Vanity Fair magazine, the vexingly titled 1926 book Nigger Heaven, by Carl Van Vechten, which went through fourteen printings in one year, and the musical Lulu Belle, written by Charles MacArthur and Edward Sheldon, which ran on Broadway for 461 performances in the 1920's.
to view American Pestalozzianism as having its origins in Horace Mann or Edward Sheldon.
Ron and Norma Fencott, Paul and Alison Phillips, Gill and Derek Fradgley; Chris Jackson, Val Brittain, Edward Sheldon (chairman, Worcester County Council) and wife Daphne, Martin Gallagher and Colin Beardwood; Robert and Jeannie Young, Nick Cotter, Carol and John Bawden; Baljinder and Ranji Bajwa, Linda Russell and Darren Ramsbottom; Rob Skyes, Louise Hewett, Ivan Knezovich, Michael Brinton
The career of the playwright Edward Sheldon began with the opening, at the Hackett Theatre in New York City, of Salvation Nell, in which the heroine rose out of the depths of moral degradation to a new life.
After a serious accident (1925), she began to write, encouraged by <IR> EDWARD SHELDON </IR> , her collaborator on two theater productions (Jenny and Dishonored Lady).
It was the first time the sides had met in seven seasons and Moseley weren't waiting around hitting on the counter-attack with Edward Sheldon latching on to some quick passing to run through on 10 minutes.
But teachers at King Edward Sheldon Heath Academy, Birmingham, refused to teach him because his boots bore the manufacturer's name, and that is against strict school rules.
The town is also the home of the Edward Sheldon Wine Vaults, the wine merchants known locally as The Vaults, started in 1842.
The Jest by Edward Sheldon, a play set in medieval Florence, opened at the Plymouth Theatre in New York City and soon became the theatrical success of the season.