Edward Whymper

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Whymper, Edward

(hwĭm`pər), 1840–1911, English illustrator and mountain climber, b. London. Sent to Switzerland to make sketches of mountain scenery, he became interested in mountaineering and in 1865, after six failures, climbed the hitherto unscaled MatterhornMatterhorn
, Fr. Mont Cervin, Ital. Monte Cervino, peak, c.14,700 ft (4,480 m) high, in the Pennine Alps, on the Swiss-Italian border, near Zermatt. Its distinctive pyramidal peak was formed by the enlargement of several cirques.
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. The descent ended in a fall that killed four of the party of seven. Whymper made expeditions to Greenland and later to South America, where he participated (1880) in the first ascent of ChimborazoChimborazo
, inactive volcano, 20,577 ft (6,272 m) high, central Ecuador; the highest in Ecuador. Its summit is always snowcapped. First explored by Alexander von Humboldt in 1802, it was first scaled in 1880 by Edward Whymper.
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 (20,577 ft/6,272 m). He climbed other major Andean peaks, including AconcaguaAconcagua
, peak, 22,835 ft (6,960 m) high, Mendoza prov., W Argentina, in the Andes, near the Chilean border. It is the highest peak of the Western Hemisphere. The snowcapped Aconcagua was first scaled in 1897. Uspallata Pass is nearby. See also Ojos del Salado.
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 and Tupungato. His best-known book is Scrambles amongst the Alps (1871, 6th ed. 1936).
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The narrative brings to life a diverse panoply of characters, real and imaginary, who have been linked to this snow-capped realm - Hannibal, Heidi, Sherlock Holmes, Edward Whymper, James Bond and Frankenstein's monster, to name a few.
Speculation about James's death increased: Thomas Hardy, in Geneva, walked Cooper's path searching for new insights into his fate and reported "a sinister rumour" in Zermatt (Times, 8 July); the famous mountaineer Edward Whymper wrote to the Times evaluating the various theories of the disappearance (24 July); questions were asked in Parliament; a medium sent letters to Edith Cooper revealing his murderer.
triangular 14,800ft Matterhorn, Europe's deadliest mountain, is spectacularly aglow, base to summit, with red lighting to mark the 150th anniversary of being conquered by Edward Whymper.
Which European mountain was first climbed by the Englishman Edward Whymper in 1865?
No wonder the pioneers of modern Alpinism all came here for the great race to the top that culminated in 1865 with the conquest of Matterhorn, the toughest and most striking of the bunch, by a party of seven led by the Englishman Edward Whymper.
Triumph & Tragedy" is a biography of mountain climbing legend Edward Whymper, who throughout the 19th century was a pioneer, claiming firsts at Matterhorn among other accomplishments of extremes.
The first influx of tourists came in the 19th century, following the inaugural ascent of the Matterhorn by English mountaineer Edward Whymper.
In what outdoor pursuit was 19th century to Newcastle United in 1996 for a then world Englishman Edward Whymper a pioneer?
Edward Whymper was retained without a bid after beating Mary Helen by a length and a half under Jimmy Quinn in the seller.
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Three Victorians-Francis Tuckett, Edward Whymper, and Fred Mummery--stand out as exceptional mountaineers and designers who were all lead-user innovators.
Visitors here can learn the full exciting story of the Matterhorn - from its origins in Africa 90million years ago to the dramatic first ascent by Englishman Edward Whymper on July 14, 1865.