Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry

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Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry

(lăn`sēr), 1802–73, English animal painter. The best known of all animal painters, he is especially remembered for his sentimental, humanized paintings of dogs. He was an infant prodigy and one of the most prolific and famous artists of his period. Innumerable engravings were made of such works as The Stag at Bay and Dignity and Impudence. Landseer rendered his great talent insipid by pandering to a taste that favored dainty, saccharine morality paintings. His work had enormous significance in popularizing the anthropomorphic concept of animals.


See study by J. Manson (1902).

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She said: "My piece is called Monarch of the Glen, which is based on the painting by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer which shows a stag in the Highlands.
Or, at least, two horses named after the 19th Century painter of animals, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) are running in quick succession today thanks to Coolmore and London art dealer Richard Green.