Edwin Lutyens

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Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom

Lutyens, Edwin


Born Mar. 29, 1869, in London; died there Jan. 1, 1944. English architect.

From 1885 to 1887, Lutyens studied at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1938 he became the president of the London Academy of Arts. An eminent representative of the neoclassical trend in 20th-century English architecture, Lutyens revived the traditional country house by providing it with modern comforts (Deanery Garden, Sonning, 1901). He also was involved in city planning, drawing the plans for New Delhi (from 1912; now part of the city of Delhi). Lutyens created an imposing official style for administrative and office buildings (the Viceroy’s House, now the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, 1913–30), churches, and monuments (the Cenotaph—in memory of the victims of World War I of 1914–18, London, 1919–20).


Butler, A. S. G., G. Stewart, and C. Hussey. The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens, vols. 1–3. London-New York, 1950.
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Forget Fifty Shades of Grey and its Red Room, The Berkeley has The Blue Bar, with panelling lacquered in Lutyen's Blue, a colour that comes from the 50 shades of blue found within the bar, which still has original lighting and panelling by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.
Wrth wrando ar Burgess yn trafod ei waith diweddaraf, sydd yn seilieidig ar Gapeli'r Wladfa ym Mhatagonia, roedd yn hollol amlwg wrth iddo drafod yr artisan, ei fod yn perthyn i'r traddodiad Celf a Chrefft yn nhraddodiad William Morris, Edwin Lutyens, Walter Crane ac eraill.
It has been upgraded from grade II listing to grade II star by Historic England as part of a review of all 44 war memorials designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, whose work also includes the Cenotaph in Whitehall.
As per a report prepared by the Delhi Urban Art Commission ( DUAC) for MoUD, the LBZ boundary is proposed to be kept close to the original boundary envisaged by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1912 -- that is, while removing The Lutyens Bungalow Zone currently covers 28.
Of the fine examples commissioned by the British government, that by Sir Edwin Lutyens in Washington, D.
Grade I listed Tyringham Hall, built by Sir John Soane with gardens by Sir Edwin Lutyens, two of England s greatest architects, is for sale through Savills Country Department with an Au18 million guide price.
What must be the smallest building to be designed by architectural great Sir Edwin Lutyens is up for sale for around pounds 10,000.
It's a rare object: a square concrete box on spindly legs designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens, and Denise and Bruno sell their beautiful Victorian gamekeepers cottage and move in to a caravan in order to transform this ugly old brute of a building into a practical new home.
Signalled in 1931 by the embassy and residence designed by Edwin Lutyens that created a grand country house for the British ambassador in Washington DC, it has been advanced by inspired, albeit unbuilt, proposals by Louis Kahn and the Smithsons for new buildings in Luanda and Brasilia, and more recently completed projects like those in Dublin and Berlin designed by Allies & Morrison (AR April 1996), Snohetta (AR March 2000) and Rem Koolhaas (AR May 2004).
Its features include an Indian room and corridor, presented to the Duke and Duchess by India as a wedding present, and a chimney piece in the smoking room designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the master architect of New Delhi.
Which building commission, handed to Edwin Lutyens in the 1930s, was never completed?