Eeva Joenpelto

Joenpelto, Eeva


Born June 17, 1921, in Sammatti. Finnish writer.

Joenpelto studied at the University of Helsinki. Her first novel, The City of Kaakerholm (1950), portrays the hard life of peasant women. The novel Burning Rock (1953) describes workers in a quarry. In The Girl Walking Above the Waters (1955) and its sequel Sparkling Years (1961), the lives of “little people” are shown against a broad social background. Psychological problems are explored in the novella Brother’s Shadow (1951) and in the novels Where the Birds Sing (1957), Late Summer (1960), Wise Men Sit in the Shade (1964), The Knight From the Depth of the Woods (1966), and Whether He Wanted To or Not (1969).


Tarkka, P. Suomalaisia nykykirjailijoita. Helsinki, 1968.
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Eeva Joenpelto is seen by many as the "flagship" of contemporary Finnish literature.
Eeva Joenpelto was born in 1921, and her first book was published in 1950.
They consist of nine men (Vaino Linna, Lassi Nummi, Pentti Holappa, Veiko Huovinen, Paavo Haavikko, Veijo Meri, Paavo Rintala, Pertti Nieminen, Pentti Saarikoski) and five women (Helvi Juvonen, Eeva Joenpelto, Marja-Liisa Vartio, Mirkka Rekola, Eeva-Liisa Manner).