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Some of the civil works planned for the updated project include the construction of four new major bridges and a new concrete structure to address the key points of vulnerability on the Efate ring road.
The heavily populated island of Efate, which includes the Vanuatu capital Port Vila, was directly in the path of the deadly cyclone.
Their results-obtained from analysing stable isotope ratios of three elements in the bone collagen of 49 adults buried at the Teouma archaeological site on Vanuatu's Efate Island-suggest that its early Lapita settlers ate reef fish, marine turtles, fruit bats, free-range pigs and chickens, rather than primarily relying on growing crops for human food and animal fodder.
Nevertheless, the Joint Chiefs approved King's request for bases at Efate and Tongatabu.
Hsiung (2007) went on to describe a specimen from Efate, New Hebrides as Megacrania obscurus and wondered whether Carl's subspecies might belong to M.
27/11/2008, ROYSON WILLIE, DAILY POST, VANUTAU -- Up to 500 Tanoliu villagers in North Efate are left without gardens after the land with their food gardens was sold by two community members, reportedly without consultation with other villagers.
In Vanuatu, which is slightly larger than Connecticut, MCC will invest $65 million in infrastructure projects, notably a major ring road around the principal island of Efate, which will replace the road built by the U.
Krauss (BPBM); 1 [female], 1 juvenile, Efate Island, Vila Harbour, elev.
I've hit some of my lowest lows and some of my highest highs, but overall I wouldn't change this experience for anything," she writes in an e-mail from Vanuatu's capital city of Port Vila, on the island of Efate, where "Survivor 9: Islands of Fire" was filmed in 2004.
And more people cutting copra will mean more money in the outer islands," he said, referring to the network of islands that surround the main island of Efate, where Port-Vila is located.
Corruption has been a principal issue in the lead-up to the election, especially in the two major constituencies on the main island of Efate.
4-magnitude aftershock shook the main island of Efate at 2.