Efert-Klusais, Ernest

Efert-Klusais, Ernest


(also Ernests Eferts-Klusais). Born Jan. 14 (26), 1889, in Vanes Volost (small rural district), in what is now Tukums Raion, Latvian SSR; died July 16, 1927, in Moscow. Soviet Latvian writer. Member of the CPSU from 1914.

Efert-Klusais was subjected to repressive measures because of his revolutionary activity. A member of the first soviet government of Latvia (1917), he moved to Moscow in 1922. In The Restless Wanderer (1923) and The Border District (1926), collections of literary sketches and short stories, Efert-Klusais depicted the Latvian people at the time of the October Revolution.


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