Effective Power

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Effective Power


the power delivered from an engine to a drive mechanism either directly or through a power transmission.

Output power may be termed net, total, or rated. The net output power of an engine is its effective power minus the power expended in actuating auxiliary units or mechanisms that are necessary for the engine’s operation but have separate drives—that is, that are not driven directly by the engine. Total output power is the output power of the engine without the deduction of such power expenditures. Rated output power, or rated power, is the output power guaranteed by the manufacturer for certain operating conditions.

Standards and technical specifications have been established for effective power according to engine type and function. The maximum power, for example, of a reversible marine engine when the propeller shaft is turning at a given rate of rotation and the ship is moving backwards is called backdraft power. The maximum power that an aircraft engine can develop with minimum specific fuel consumption is called cruising power. Effective power is determined by an engine’s size and by its mechanical efficiency; augmentation of the engine’s normal operating process may also contribute to effective power.


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The settings allowed acquiring data on the variables, namely, torque and effective power, with decrease in speed every 100rpm.
Having effective power and the obligations that can follow unidirectionally from it can also be an important basis for impartial reasoning, going well beyond the motivation of mutual benefit" (2009, 207).
However, Pakistan needs effective power management systems to confront with the challenge of growing demand of the electricity.
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* The direct measurement of voltage, current, energy consumption and power factor to calculate effective power and track energy consumption rates.
P&G says the introduction of Vitality marks the first time that effective power brushes are available at an affordable price (under $20).
By juxtaposing the description of the pro-Israel lobby and its effective power with the visible weakness of Arab lobbying efforts and influence, Terry has succeeded in driving home a very important point, namely that the absence of one kind of influence opens room for manipulation by the other.
The "crucial inquiry is whether the person had the 'effective power' to pay the taxes--that is, whether he had the actual authority or ability, in view of his status within the corporation, to pay the taxes owed" (Plett, 185 F3d 216 (4th Cir.
Volvo noted that Powercell holds the patent on an FC technology that "makes it possible to produce such small and effective power units that they can be mounted in trucks and other vehicles to replace the current that is normally generated though operating the engine at idle."
If it succeeded at this strong-arming, Washington would demonstrate that the Security Council has no effective power to stand up to the bullyboy on the block.
DSP performance, combined with a powerful integrated peripheral set and high performance on-chip Flash or ROM memory, make the XC164CS-8F40F the solution of choice for demanding industrial and automotive applications like synchronous DC motor control, future head lamp concepts or effective power steering solutions.
While detecting an anti-magical implication in the doctrine of a hidden God promulgated by the Protestant theologians, inasmuch as they "denied that created nature had any kind of implanted sacredness or effective power" (329), he could just as readily have pointed up how the s ame theory could have been utilized to help justify magic by identifying the dark cloud enveloping the Godhead with the occult realm of the magicians.

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