Effective Power

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Effective Power


the power delivered from an engine to a drive mechanism either directly or through a power transmission.

Output power may be termed net, total, or rated. The net output power of an engine is its effective power minus the power expended in actuating auxiliary units or mechanisms that are necessary for the engine’s operation but have separate drives—that is, that are not driven directly by the engine. Total output power is the output power of the engine without the deduction of such power expenditures. Rated output power, or rated power, is the output power guaranteed by the manufacturer for certain operating conditions.

Standards and technical specifications have been established for effective power according to engine type and function. The maximum power, for example, of a reversible marine engine when the propeller shaft is turning at a given rate of rotation and the ship is moving backwards is called backdraft power. The maximum power that an aircraft engine can develop with minimum specific fuel consumption is called cruising power. Effective power is determined by an engine’s size and by its mechanical efficiency; augmentation of the engine’s normal operating process may also contribute to effective power.


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Effective power has a connection with the discussion of capabilities and freedom that dominates a number of Sen's works (1982, 1985, 1999b).
Later, as head of the Peace Corps evaluation division, I had more effective power in my agency than any member of Congress or even the White House.
As some of the key policies underlying the EFF programme the government is expected to keep on maintaining the power industry priority ranking in terms of gas supply after homes and go on diverting the excess gas supply to the most effective power plants.
The new Smart-UPS On-Line provides effective power quality and performance in a small footprint.
AMP chairman Paul Ezekiel commented, "AMP is honoured to assist Jordan as it continues to expand access to cost effective power to Jordan's citizens and pursues its goal of securing 10% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2020.
Conserves energy through effective power management by enabling the CPU to be shut down longer
A senior state official has announced that effective power consumption is central to cutting the cost of production and enhancing the competitive edge of Kenyan goods in the regional and global market.
a leader in service management and asset management solutions for IT professionals, today shared new resources to help IT departments implement effective power management policies to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs.
Considering the need for effective power backup system for household use at the time of power cuts, during the first phase it would launch Home Energy Systems.
These steps will enable the government to move forward with reforms, including the phased unbundling of production, transmission and distribution services for more effective power supply, and the creation of regulations for small independent power producers to encourage off-grid electrification, which is important for increasing the access to power in remote rural areas.
According to the Minister, the project was part of the initiatives to make sure effective power distribution in the country.

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