Efficiency Ratio

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Efficiency Ratio


a qualitative index, expressed by a relative quantity, that characterizes the level of economic efficiency achieved. The efficiency ratio is the ratio between the economic result obtained (for example, the total profit or the total savings from reducing the prime cost of output) and the expenditures incurred. The efficiency ratio can characterize such economic factors as the efficiency of socialist production as a whole, the efficiency of capital investments, or the efficiency of introducing new equipment.

efficiency ratio

The ratio of the net usable area of a building to its gross floor area.
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05) decreased specific growth rate (SGR), net weight gain (NWG), average daily gain (ADG), survival, feed intake, feed efficiency ratio (FER) and protein efficiency ratio (PRE), irrespective the addition of the 4TX in the diets.
S&P Global Market Intelligence calculated scores for each company based on six metrics: pretax return on average tangible common equity, net charge-offs as a%age of average loans, efficiency ratio, adjusted Texas ratio, net interest margin on a fully taxable equivalent basis and loan growth for the 12-month period ended December 31, 2016.
of Conway set its sights on achieving a sub-40 percent efficiency ratio.
The group's prudent cost control policy and strong revenue generating capability allowed it to maintain an efficiency ratio (cost to income ratio) of 20.
The efficiency ratio is designed to be neutral to countries' stages of development, and the data indeed reflect this neutrality.
Measure labor through a Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER)
They are designed for coolant outlet temperatures of -15 to +15 [degrees]C, and operate with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of approximately 5.
For the efficiency ratio, the First Look program credit unions reported an average ratio of 92.
The group now compares member companies both by total income and by efficiency ratio.
The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network recommends that room air-conditioners should have an Energy Efficiency Ratio of at least 9.
Record loan growth, excellent asset quality and a record efficiency ratio contributed to our favorable third quarter results and helped us achieve our 19th consecutive quarter of record net income and earnings per share," said George Gleason, chairman and CEO.

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