Efficiency Ratio

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Efficiency Ratio


a qualitative index, expressed by a relative quantity, that characterizes the level of economic efficiency achieved. The efficiency ratio is the ratio between the economic result obtained (for example, the total profit or the total savings from reducing the prime cost of output) and the expenditures incurred. The efficiency ratio can characterize such economic factors as the efficiency of socialist production as a whole, the efficiency of capital investments, or the efficiency of introducing new equipment.

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efficiency ratio

The ratio of the net usable area of a building to its gross floor area.
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Dharia will be responsible for the group's service and support staff, overseeing account and service performance, enhanced service and efficiency ratios. He will play a critical role on the management team toward leading program efficiency, driving revenue, and building long lasting partnerships with clients and carrier partners.
In addition to our 6% growth in assets since year-end 2017, net interest income increased by over 13% compared to the same period last year and our efficiency ratio improved to 47%, which is one of the best efficiency ratios amongst our industry peers."
Treading in the land of sub 40 percent efficiency ratios is familiar territory for Bank of the Ozarks.
Apart from the filter, it also has a high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) compared to other brands with the exact same horsepower.
SIC leadership also can take advantage of efficiency ratios (figure 3) to further diagnose the structural problems within each school.
Venezuelan banks' efficiency ratios compare unfavorably with other countries in the region, largely due to the highly inflationary environment and intense government regulation and intervention.
The bank's solvency and efficiency ratios improved to 13.16% and 81.94%, respectively.
The half-year performance which market watchers have described as quite reassur-ing to investors of the bank, indicated significant improvement, not just in earnings but also in efficiency ratios.These are key to the rebound of financial institu-tions after the meltdown and the massive provisioning which led to loss of assets witnessed in 2009.
Canadian banking analysts believe that efficiency ratios of Canadian banks are weaker in the US when compared with their operations in Canada, and the inability to generate sufficient returns could lead Canadian banks to think of other alternatives.
Efficiency ratios measure how well the company and its management use the assets under their control to generate sales and profits.
A newly designed output cover and gear package are featured, as well as new 48:1 and 61:1 double planetary, high efficiency ratios.

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