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A room or group of rooms designed to be used as a dwelling; usually one of many similar groups in the same building.


1. A room or suite of rooms designed to be lived in, containing at least one bathroom; is separated from, and is usually one of, many similar units within a multiple dwelling.
2. A building containing at least three such dwelling units; an apartment house. Also see efficiency apartment, garden apartment, apartment hotel.
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Capital is measured in physical unit, while labour is measured in efficiency unit.
Given the institutional and policy variables held constant along the R curve, an increase in the steady-state capital stock per efficiency unit of labour raises the incentive to perform R&D through a "scale effect.
This has implications for the social welfare function and the accumulation equations for capital and debt in efficiency units per worker.
Also, all variables are divided by labor in efficiency units ([y.
Chiller plant support equipment, the water pumps and cooling towers, can also use the same reciprocal efficiency units of kW/ton (kWe/kWt) by letting the tons (kWt) produced by the chiller be the common normalizing parameter for the power used by all chiller plant equipment.
Improvements include: upgrade lighting in common areas and apartments with compact fluorescent lighting, replacing refrigerators with ENERGY STAR[R] labeled units, replacing old or inefficient heating systems with high efficiency units, improving ventilation, installing carbon monoxide detectors, water-saving devices, and windows and doors.
In previous studies, the approach has been to convert labor inputs into common efficiency units by multiplying physical inputs (hours worked or number of employees) by an index based on such factors as years of education (and possibly some demographic attributes).
8 million renovation, which includes nine efficiency units, 28 one-bedroom units, and one manager's unit, will provide Prairie Village residents with a repaired entrance gate, fencing system, and parking lot, as well as upgraded lighting and landscaping, and new:
The apartment mix will consist of one bedroom/one bath, two bedroom/two bath, three bedroom/three bath, and four bedroom/four bath as well as deluxe efficiency units.
In addition, about half (49%) say they've replaced their windows with more energy-efficient models, and similar numbers report having replaced their HVAC or furnace (51%), added insulation (49%), and replaced appliances with higher efficiency units (59%).
Plus, with the lowest outdoor sound level as low as 81 dBA, up to 11 dBA quieter than competing units,* Energence ultra-high efficiency units can potentially help eliminate costs associated with reducing sound within a building.

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