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A room or group of rooms designed to be used as a dwelling; usually one of many similar groups in the same building.


1. A room or suite of rooms designed to be lived in, containing at least one bathroom; is separated from, and is usually one of, many similar units within a multiple dwelling.
2. A building containing at least three such dwelling units; an apartment house. Also see efficiency apartment, garden apartment, apartment hotel.
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The components here deserve some comment: The marginal utility of consumption per head of labor in efficiency units is taken to be a constant (a standard assumption); hence (1-s) is also a constant, dEA(t)/DR(t) is the expected marginal value of the return (say, in constant dollars).
The assumption of CRS production function and profit maximising behaviour of the firm implies the equality between price and unit cost in each of the three sector and the minimisation of cost of one efficiency unit of labour.
The aggregate number of efficiency units supplied in period t is [Mathematical Expression Omitted], where [N.
This said, we now apply this equal valuation over time to a two-country world, in which each has set its market-rate of return equal to the steady-state growth rate of labor in efficiency units.
6 Social efficiency Social efficiency in our model simply means maximum production, which again means maximum input of labour measured in efficiency units (max [lambda]N).
Equation (7) indicates that the demand for labor is determined by setting the marginal product of labor equal to the real wage, both in terms of efficiency units.
A project of Skid Row Housing Trust (SRHT), a non-profit organization formed in 1989 to preserve and construct low income housing stock as safe and affordable housing for Skid Row residents, the Rainbow Apartments is a new six-story courtyard complex comprising 87 furnished efficiency units located at 643 S.
What are Negawatts or Energy Efficiency Units (Demand Response)
Barnabas Hospital in downtown Minneapolis has been redeveloped to create 42 affordable efficiency units.
Management contends that the reason for less than 90% occupancy is due to low demand for single-room efficiency units.
ENERGY STAR models are high efficiency units, which help to maintain a consistent power supply for everyone.
We'll continue to see strong demand from tenants moving into Southern California, especially from young singles wanting efficiency units and larger Latino immigrant families needing three-bedroom apartments," said Raphael Bostic, Ph.

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