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A room or group of rooms designed to be used as a dwelling; usually one of many similar groups in the same building.


1. A room or suite of rooms designed to be lived in, containing at least one bathroom; is separated from, and is usually one of, many similar units within a multiple dwelling.
2. A building containing at least three such dwelling units; an apartment house. Also see efficiency apartment, garden apartment, apartment hotel.
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The assumption of CRS production function and profit maximising behaviour of the firm implies the equality between price and unit cost in each of the three sector and the minimisation of cost of one efficiency unit of labour.
Investment spending calculated by labor in efficiency units in 1985 is 1.14; it then rises to 1.63 in 1986.
The unit of labor supplied by agent i in period t is converted into efficiency units of labor [Mathematical Expression Omitted] by the following relationship
This said, we now apply this equal valuation over time to a two-country world, in which each has set its market-rate of return equal to the steady-state growth rate of labor in efficiency units. Briefly, one maximizes f(k)-nk with respect to k, and this yields f'(k) = n.
Normally centralized unions demand higher wages if the demand for labour measured in efficiency units is inelastic, local unions if the demand is elastic.
perform acm remediation, sub floor levelling, repair electrical and plumbing (feed and drain), replace all plumbing fixtures with high efficiency units, install led lighting, install mop closet/cleaning station, ensure all ada requirements are met, repair and/or replace windows and doors as required.
Air Masters of Tampa Bay are experienced with servicing residential units from the lowest seer rating (low efficiency units) to the highest seer ratings (very high efficiency units) with special filtering systems to zoning systems.
This finding is modified for the case of Hicks-neutral progress, to refer to efficiency units rather than natural units of labor.
The operation is now running smoothly with higher efficiency units in place providing peace of mind to the whole operation.
Expand Worker Housing Production: SRO's may have acquired a bad name in some circles, but simple, old-fashioned Worker Housing (efficiency units for single working men and women) should be encouraged.
Tenders are invited for The project involves the completion of design and build replacement of (4), three-ton HVAC rooftop package units with high efficiency units (16 EER, 82% efficiency) at Middle school.
The apartment mix will consist of one bedroom/one bath, two bedroom/two bath, three bedroom/three bath, and four bedroom/four bath as well as deluxe efficiency units. The Forum at Statesboro will pre-wire all living rooms and bedrooms for cable television and high speed internet service.

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