Egon Schiele

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Schiele, Egon

(ā`gôn shē`lə), 1890–1918, Austrian expressionist painter and draftsman, studied Vietta Academy of Fine Arts. Influenced by the French impressionists, then by Gustav KlimtKlimt, Gustav
, 1862–1918, Austrian painter. He cofounded the Vienna Secession group, an alliance against 19th-century eclecticism in art, and in 1897 became its first president. In the following decade Klimt became the foremost painter of art nouveau in Vienna.
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, Schiele developed a taut, linear style, emphasizing attenuated anatomical structure in drawings and paintings that often have strong sexual subject matter. Best known for his gaunt self-portraits and erotic figure studies, he also painted haunting portraits of his contemporaries and dark, brooding landscapes. With KokoschkaKokoschka, Oskar
, 1886–1980, Austrian expressionist painter and writer. After teaching at the art academy in Dresden (1920–24), Kokoschka traveled extensively in Europe and N Africa.
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, he was in the forefront of the Austrian expressionist movement (see expressionismexpressionism,
term used to describe works of art and literature in which the representation of reality is distorted to communicate an inner vision. The expressionist transforms nature rather than imitates it.
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) until his sudden death at 28 of influenza. The Neue Galerie, New York City, has the largest collection of works by Schiele in the United States.


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The sale's robust $319.2m total, which easily eclipsed even the high $277m pre-sale estimate, doubtless went far toward purging memories of Sotheby's flaccid Impressionist and modern art sale just two nights earlier, which was marred by the last-minute withdrawal of its star offering, an early Egon Schiele masterpiece.
De Vera has curated major art shows, including the critically acclaimed 'Egon Schiele: Portraits' at the Neue Galerie on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and an all-Filipino show that will take up three floors of the Ayala Museum, opening in October.
And Egon Schiele, Henri Mattisse and Tom Wesselmann, when it comes to international artists.
In Vienna, a school of artists - among them Gustav Klimt, the provocative Egon Schiele and the painter Oscar Kokoschka - looked at sexual liberation and the 'woman question' from slightly different, albeit overlapping perspectives, provocative paintings and drawings which told the truth about human beings in no uncertain way.
His hard edged collection of drawings and work in progress titled 'Flaws, Perfection, Ideals or Compromises' reflected an influence of artists such as Egon Schiele and Marc Quinn.
Throughout art history, there is a long tradition of male painters using female models for their portraits--including Henri Matisse, as discussed in Najwa Ali's essay "Matisse / Odalisque / Modernity," and Egon Schiele, who appears in Zsuzsa Takacs's poem "On Vision." In doing so, painters both fetishize and immortalize the disincarnate subjects on their canvases.
The figures' emaciated forms and languid expressions resemble the works of Egon Schiele. Assi paints three variations of the same dismal character, one wearing red, one in dark green, and one in dark teal.
Lauder, has enjoyed a lifelong commitment to the art of Egon Schiele. He acquired his first Schiele drawing with his Bar Mitzvah money at age thirteen, and has been under the spell of this artist for almost six decades.
Inspired by the revolutionary Austrian painter Egon Schiele Islam's work travels deeply into the human psyche presenting her audience with challenging portraits and figures in a state of unrest.
One can see the influences of German Expressionism and artists such as Egon Schiele, Kathe Kollwitz, and Francis Bacon.
Across the world, in Austria, Egon Schiele, whose self-portrait graces this month's cover, in similar circumstances, found no comfort in words, despite his own poetic nature.