Egor Sokolov

Sokolov, Egor Timofeevich


Born Nov. 3, (Nov. 14), 1750, in St. Petersburg; died there May 18 (May 30), 1824. Russian architect of the school of classicism.

Sokolov worked in St. Petersburg, where he directed the construction of the main building of the Academy of Arts (1776–86) and the Engineers’ Castle (1797–1800). Of the buildings that Sokolov designed independently, the most significant is the corner building of the Public Library (now the M. E. Saltykov-Shched-rin Public Library; 1796–1801, completed by L. Ruska). The symmetrical wings of the building are joined by a curving facade that accentuates the intersection of the main streets of the city.


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