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Saturday's kidnappings, in addition to the seven other Christians who were abducted in the past week, raise the number of Egyptian Christians abducted in Libya to a total of 20.
Egyptian Christians Face the Future Under New Islamist Law "Morsi has not kept his promises to be a president for all Egyptians when he had a chance to do so, and he is losing credibility," said Ramez Atallah, president of the Bible Society of Egypt.
Most Egyptian Christians say their biggest concerns are discrimination and occasional teasing from Muslim neighbours, especially in poorer neighbourhoods.
UNGA : Our President speaks in front of the world The Egyptian Christians are angry that he mentioned the "Non Muslims in Egypt"to be honest he could have meant all Non Muslims from Christians and Jews in good way.
He said he would visit Pope Shenouda, the leader of Egyptian Christians, upon the latter's return from medical treatment in the US.
What Egyptian Christians Think about their New Islamist President "Some, though not likely in Tahrir, quietly exhaled at a democratic election and rotation of power, hopeful these gains will not be reversed.
Egyptian Christians also complain about being discriminated against in the allotment of top public posts, a claim vehemently denied by the Mubarak government.
In this time the bloodiest and the most violent atrocities the Roman legions carried out against the Egyptian Christians took place, and it is remembered by the Egyptian church as "the age of martyrs.
It also blamed European and US diplomats who had come to Egypt, alleging they demonstrated "bias" in order to preserve the blood of their Islamist "allies" in Rab Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square while ignoring attacks on Egyptian Christians and Shi'a Muslims.
Egyptian Christians Back to Square One What options do Christians have as a minority in Egypt, a Muslim majority country having their first elections?
Cairo A group, accused of killing four Egyptian Christians in Cairo, has forged links with Al Qaida and the Palestinian movement Hamas, according to Egyptian police.
I do not know from where to start but from two hours ago not less 500 thugs "according to eye witnesses" suddenly attacked the strike of Egyptian Christians at the ERTV building Maspero.

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