Egyptian Museum

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Egyptian Museum


(also Egyptian National Museum), a museum in Cairo, founded in 1858 by the French scholar and Egyptologist A. Mariette. One of the main centers for the study of ancient Egyptian art, it contains the richest collection of remains of the art and culture of ancient Egypt, including finds from the ruins of the city of Akhetaton and the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamen and statues of the pharaohs Khafre and Amenemhet III and the prince Ka’aper. The museum organizes archaeological excavations. Since the end of the 19th century it has published a series of catalogs of the different sections of the collection. From 1858 to 1891 it was known as the Bulaq Museum; from 1891 to 1900, the Gizeh Museum; and since 1900, the Egyptian Museum.


The Egyptian Museum.…. Cairo, 1956.
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All who know him declare that they have never met, not even in the Egyptian museum at Turin, so agreeable a mummy.
We are honored to partner with MISR and its Managing Director Essam Hady and the Egyptian Museum in launching the new Museum Store," said Tix Corporation Chairman and CEO Mitch Francis.
During Abe's visit, Japan has pledged to continue its economic support for Egypt, most notably in transport and tourism sectors such as the new Grand Egyptian museum, Cairo Metro and upgrade of power plants.
Since then, voices have demanding that the gutted building be removed, saying that its decrepit condition poses a threat to the Egyptian Museum next door.
com have compiled a list of the "Top 10 Best Non-Art Museums" agreeing that the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the most frequently visited museum in the world.
Officials said the trove of 222 works -- including books, maps and newspapers found in the Egyptian Museum of Civilization -- dated back to before Egypt's monarchy was toppled in 1952.
The Egyptian Museum was not affected by a riot that broke out in the square
I got a high-resolution image of the mummy's face from the Egyptian museum.
Summary: Prized artefacts are missing from the Egyptian Museum after looters broke in during unrest last month.
LOOTERS escaped with two wooden statues of Tutankhamun when the Egyptian Museum was raided as violence peaked.
LOOTERS escaped with 18 items from the Egyptian Museum during the unrest
The people themselves formed militias to protect sites of antiquities, including the Egyptian Museum, one of the most stunning museums in the world.

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