Egyptian Way

Egyptian Way

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

There is wide diversity in the many traditions of Wicca. Some have a basis in Celtic Britain, some have a Saxon background, and others owe their allegiance to the

Irish pantheon or to Greek or Roman tradition. Some are simply eclectic, stemming from many different backgrounds.

Isis, although primarily an Egyptian goddess, was found universally throughout history. It is no surprise, therefore, that many Wiccans are drawn to her as a deity despite the fact that she is not generally associated with Western European forms of Witchcraft. The Greeks referred to Isis as Aset or Eset and associated her with Demeter, Hera, Selene, and even Aphrodite. The cult of Isis invaded Italy by way of Sicily, and, although the Roman Senate tried to stop its progress, it spread to the center and north of Italy.

Many Wiccans feel an affinity for the ancient Egyptians and have therefore adopted the Egyptian deities—usually with Isis as goddess—into their rites. In Ireland, Olivia Robertson founded the Fellowship of Isis. Although not a Wiccan organization, many Wiccans do belong to it and consider Isis an aspect of the universal mother goddess.

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The thoughts and actions all Are framed and modeled on Egyptian ways. For there the men sit at the loom indoors While the wives slave abroad for daily bread.
Nevertheless, the images are quite intriguing; entertaining in most parts, illustrating that the Egyptian way of seeing things is like no other in the world.AaAa
However, I find it difficult to accept the contradiction between the notion that in some areas Egyptian presence influenced the adoption of a variant on an Egyptian way of burial, yet in other areas the threat of Egyptian domination led to resistance to Egyptian ways of burial.
Based on ancient Egyptian ways of alleviating pain, Gharieni said the RAK spa call theirs 'The Egyptian Pharaoh treatment'.
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