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/A/. Software Portability Group, U Waterloo. A typeless language derived from (and similar to) B. Provides guaranteed order of evaluation for side effects in expressions. Also character indexing operators.

See also Zed.

["Eh Reference Manual", R.S.C. Braga, RR CS-76-45, U Waterloo, Nov 1976].


The country code for Western Sahara.
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They'll be thousands of 'em wanderin' round all dazed though, eh?
An all youse owlder gadgies, yer all Ronnies and Billys and Bobs an that aren't yer eh?
Swear down I was expectin' Robocop ter arrive in person wavin' his crime fighting chain of destiny an' the bobbychopter to start buzzin' us - only they don't normally send that up till all the bairns are in bed do'ther eh?
Got a few nights fiddly security on a site over Stockton 'aven a, eh?
Should make her bishop, that's what we should do, and then sit back with a beer and watch Rome burn, eh?
These radgie White Rose nationalists only want us lot in the Streetfighters ter put Yorkshire on the letters don't the', eh?
Where the 'ells this River Tee they all bang on about eh?