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Ehime (āhēˈmā), prefecture, 2,188 sq mi (5,667 sq km), NE Shikoku, Japan. Matsuyama is the capital and chief port. The region is bounded on the N by the Inland Sea and on the W by Hoyo Strait. Mountainous, it rises to 6,497 ft (1,980 m) in Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest point on Shikoku. The region has extensive coniferous forests and orchards; rice, wheat, soybeans, and mandarin oranges are grown, and livestock is raised. Fishing is an important industry, along with the production of chemicals, fertilizer, and machinery. Imabari, Saijo, Hashihama, and Yawatahama are the major manufacturing centers.
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a prefecture in western Shikoku Island, Japan. Area, including offshore islands, 5,700 sq km. Population, 1.5 million (1975). The capital is Matsuyama.

Ehime is an agricultural and industrial prefecture: approximately 30 percent of those employed work in agriculture and 22 percent in manufacturing. The contribution of various branches of manufacturing industry to the total industrial output of Ehime in 1971 was as follows: the chemical industry, approximately 25 percent; machine building, chiefly transportation machine building, 23 percent; non-ferrous metallurgy, 11.5 percent; the pulp and paper industry, 10 percent; food processing, 8 percent; and textiles, 7 percent.

The Toyo territorial-production complex in the center of Niihama is being created in the northwest and will include petrochemical, machine-building, nonferrous metallurgical, and power engineering enterprises. In 1978 the Ishe Atomic Power Station was under construction. Sulfur pyrites and iron and copper ores are extracted in the Besshi mining region.

Sixteen percent of the land is under cultivation, the principal crops being rice, barley, wheat, beans, tea, and tobacco. Ehime is one of Japan’s leading producers of citrus fruit.


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Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPAG) supervising agriculturist Delinia Juan said the eight technical intern trainees would undergo a three-year hands-on and comprehensive on-the-farm training at the Farmers Cooperative of Ehime Prefecture and in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.
Japan's Air Self-Defense Force units in charge of the PAC3 interceptor system arrived on Saturday in the three prefectures and nearby Ehime Prefecture, Japan's broadcaster (NHK World) reported.
"Ehime Prefecture is the Citrus Kingdom of Japan producing its renowned global brand of oranges and Kiwi fruits.
In the Ehime prefecture, a 72-year-old man drowned after driving into a pond.
ANA President Osamu Shinobe and the governor of Ehime Prefecture, Tokohiro Nakamura announced the latest products and tourist attractions from Ehime, Miyagi and Miyazaki prefectures till May this year.
The one-car tourism train, called a "railway hobby train," will run between Kubokawa Station in Kochi Prefecture and Uwajima Station in Ehime Prefecture from around March, the railway operator said, adding it will be modeled after the 0-series first-generation shinkansen, which has been retired from service.
Among the 52 cities, the monthly premium currently exceeds 5,000 yen only in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. From next month, monthly premiums will exceed that level in 40 cities, with the highest premium to be 5,950 yen in Niigata.
The Shimane and neighboring Tottori prefectural governments and six cities in the two prefectures conducted a joint drill focusing on Chugoku Electric's Shimane plant, while Ehime Prefecture and eight municipalities there held a similar drill around Shikoku Electric's Ikata plant.
In Ehime Prefecture, former Matsuyama Mayor Tokihiro Nakamura marked a massive victory over two candidates in a race among three newcomers to fill the post of governor in the southwestern prefecture following the resignation of Moriyuki Kato.
Ehime Bank is a second regional bank, which has its head office in Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture.
has started operating Misaki Wind Park, a huge wind farm including 20 windmills that generate 20,000kW of electricity, in Ehime prefecture.