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Eichmann, Adolf

(īkh`män), 1906–62, German National Socialist official. A member of the Austrian Nazi party, he headed the Austrian office for Jewish emigration (1938). His zeal in deporting Jews brought him promotion (1939) to chief of the Gestapo's Jewish section. Eichmann promoted the use of gas chambers for the mass extermination of Jews in concentration camps, and he oversaw the maltreatment, deportation, and murder of millions of Jews in World War II. Arrested by the Allies in 1945, he escaped and settled in Argentina. He was located by Israeli agents in 1960 and abducted to Israel, where he was tried (1961) and hanged for crimes against the Jewish people and against humanity.


See biography by D. Cesarani, Becoming Eichmann (2006); H. Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem (1963, rev. ed. 2006); J. Donovan, Eichmann: Mastermind of the Holocaust (1978); P. Rassinier, The Real Eichmann Trial (1980); D. E. Lipstadt, The Eichmann Trial (2011); B. Stangneth, Eichmann before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer (2014).

Eichmann, Adolf


Born Mar. 19, 1906 in Solingen in the Rhineland; died June 1,1962, in Ramleh, Israel. Fascist German war criminal.

Eichmann joined the security service of the SS (Schutzstaffel) in 1934 and subsequently headed the subsection on Jewish affairs. In World War II he helped to draft and implement plans for the physical extermination of the Jewish population in Europe, and he was directly in charge of the shipment of Jews to concentration camps. After the defeat of fascist Germany, Eichmann fled to Argentina. In 1960 he was seized by agents of the Israeli intelligence service. Eichmann was sentenced to death after being tried by a court in Jerusalem and was executed in the prison in the city of Ramleh.

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Finding true 'healthy' sunglasses can be challenging, since the federal government does not regulate the protective value of sunglasses," notes director of customer marketing Cheri Eichman about the sunglasses, which are designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses.
Em primeiro lugar, esta o holocausto, especialmente a partir de sua memorizacao politica no julgamento de Eichman em 1961 (Wieviorka, 1998, p.
2) Se trata del proceso judicial que tuvo lugar en Israel contra el jerarca del regimen nazi Adolf Eichman en 1961.
Weckowicz (1978) reported that the POMS is an excellent clinical instrument for the assessment of mood and feeling states of psychiatric outpatients, a sentiment echoed by Eichman (1978), who acclaimed the POMS as the best single measure of basic mood in psychiatric clients, and Imber (1978) who recommended the POMS as part of a National Institute of Mental Health psychotherapeutic outcome battery.
The first is inspired by Hannah Arendt's (1967) perception of Eichman as a regular obedient employee.
According to Richard Goldstone, former South African Constitutional Court justice and head of the UN Human Rights Council's Goldstone Commission, its precedent was Israel's Adolph Eichman seizure, trial, conviction on 15 charges (including crimes against humanity and the Jewish people), death sentence, and June 1, 1962 hanging.
Others Nazis helped to escape by The Entity were Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichman and SS general Hans Fischbock.
The law resulted in the scandal of the Kastner trial (1952), for which Ben Gurion conceived the Eichman trial as a symbolic reparation (p.
Colaboro con organizaciones sionistas, escribio articulos en las publicaciones judias, apoyo la campana de un Estado binacional en Palestma, cubrio para The New Yorker el proceso de Eichmann (que luego se convertiria en el texto Eichman in Jerusalem); ademas dicto cursos y conferencias en las principales universidades de Estados Unidos y de Europa.
Eichman was the SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer who designed the logistics for the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and concentration camps in Eastern Europe during World War-II.