Eidetic Memory

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Eidetic Memory


a particular type of pictorial memory, primarily of visual impressions, that permits one to retain and reproduce an extraordinarily vivid image of a previously perceived object—an image that in clarity and detail is almost a copy of the originally perceived image.

Eidetic memory is present in some form and to some degree in all persons, and especially in children and teen-agers, but is seldom encountered in a clear-cut form. One of the first to describe eidetic memory was the Russian researcher Urbanchich (1907). The basic research on eidetic images was done by the German psychologist E. Jaensch and his students in the 1920’s.


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Only recently he left his schoolmates awestruck with a display of his eidetic memory at a special assembly arranged to showcase his unique ability.
In How We Die Nuland claimed to have an eidetic memory; and his ability here to reconstruct snippets of conversation, vanished scenes and topography from his boyhood (e.g., parts of the Bronx that have long since been urban-renewed out of existence) seems to back that claim up.
The next two chapters introduce the homeless men and women whom his daughter, Lucy--she of the "eidetic memory" and 38 languages--hangs out with, and the officers and clients of the private security firm run by his one-eyed wife, Marlene.
His has an eidetic memory, or a computer-like brain, which helps him keep track of all his businesses and council responsibilities.
As can be seen in the pyramid, I have listed something called eidetic memory within the first stages of upper level processing.