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eight-hour day:

see labor lawlabor law,
legislation dealing with human beings in their capacity as workers or wage earners. The Industrial Revolution, by introducing the machine and factory production, greatly expanded the class of workers dependent on wages as their source of income.
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Eight-Hour Day

Each of Australia's states celebrates the improvements that have been made in working conditions with its own Labor Day. The Eight-Hour Day holiday is marked with parades and celebrations to commemorate trade union efforts to limit working hours. In many places, people still chant the unions' slogan: "Eight hours' labor, eight hours' recreation, and eight hours' rest!," which, by happenstance, is the basis of St. Benedict's Rule of Life for religious orders.
In Queensland Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May; in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia it's the first Monday in October; in Western Australia it's the first Monday in March; and in Tasmania and Victoria it's the second Monday in March. In New Zealand, Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in October.
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A pioneering Welshman who helped bring the idea of the eight-hour day to a wider world could soon be celebrated in his hometown.
IF you work an eight-hour day are you, by law, entitled to a lunch break?
MARIO JARDEL has been putting in an eight-hour day at Bolton's Euxton training ground in a bid to be fit for the Barclaycard Premiership.
Officers are furious that Scottish Prisons Service chief executive Tony Cameron wants to move them from an eight-hour day five days a week to a 12-hour day four days a week.
The walls of the hall were decorated with banners recalling struggles for the eight-hour day, workplace safety, civil rights, and a host of other historic, labor-backed causes.
Adecco calculates that dealing with e-mail takes an average 15-20 minutes in an eight-hour day.
On an eight-hour day, five days a week this works out as pounds 7,488.