eight-hour day

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eight-hour day:

see labor lawlabor law,
legislation dealing with human beings in their capacity as workers or wage earners. The Industrial Revolution, by introducing the machine and factory production, greatly expanded the class of workers dependent on wages as their source of income.
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Eight-Hour Day

Each of Australia's states celebrates the improvements that have been made in working conditions with its own Labor Day. The Eight-Hour Day holiday is marked with parades and celebrations to commemorate trade union efforts to limit working hours. In many places, people still chant the unions' slogan: "Eight hours' labor, eight hours' recreation, and eight hours' rest!," which, by happenstance, is the basis of St. Benedict's Rule of Life for religious orders.
In Queensland Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May; in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia it's the first Monday in October; in Western Australia it's the first Monday in March; and in Tasmania and Victoria it's the second Monday in March. In New Zealand, Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in October.
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The police were trying to disperse a public assembly during a general strike demanding an eight-hour workday, when an unidentified person threw a bomb at the police.
One-hundred years ago, Henry Ford set an eight-hour workday, while President Woodrow Wilson signed a Mothers Day proclamation.
Factoring the time based on a typical eight-hour workday, CEOs spend roughly 963 work hours per year on HR.
When productivity actually increased and profit margins doubled in just two years, most other companies followed Henry Ford's lead and the eight-hour workday became standard.
Their fuel consumption, as much as 40 percent less [than a larger piece of equipment] in an eight-hour workday, further minimizes your cost of ownership.
Sooyeol Kim, through a study of 72 full-time workers from various industries, discovered that employees only spend an average of 22 minutes out of an eight-hour workday playing on their smartphones.
In the 1880s the first unionised workplaces began to declare the eight-hour workday.
On May 1, 1886, several workers were killed in Chicago while demanding eight-hour workday instead of 12-hour.
Its September date was locked in to keep the American acknowledgement of labor several months removed from international labor's "communistic" May Day observances, even though May Day has its origins in American workers' fight for the eight-hour workday.
On April 24, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published guidelines recommending limiting worker exposure to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon nanofibers (CNFs) to only one microgram per cubic meter of air per eight-hour workday.
The police were trying to disperse a public assembly during a general strike for the eight-hour workday, when an unidentified person threw a bomb at them.
Sturgeon said he is constantly impressed by the commitment shown by his students, especially since most are older students who put in an eight-hour workday before coming to class.