eight-hour day

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eight-hour day:

see labor lawlabor law,
legislation dealing with human beings in their capacity as workers or wage earners. The Industrial Revolution, by introducing the machine and factory production, greatly expanded the class of workers dependent on wages as their source of income.
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Eight-Hour Day

Each of Australia's states celebrates the improvements that have been made in working conditions with its own Labor Day. The Eight-Hour Day holiday is marked with parades and celebrations to commemorate trade union efforts to limit working hours. In many places, people still chant the unions' slogan: "Eight hours' labor, eight hours' recreation, and eight hours' rest!," which, by happenstance, is the basis of St. Benedict's Rule of Life for religious orders.
In Queensland Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May; in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia it's the first Monday in October; in Western Australia it's the first Monday in March; and in Tasmania and Victoria it's the second Monday in March. In New Zealand, Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in October.
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To advance the idea of an eight-hour workday, a labor rally was set for May 4 a day after police fired upon on an angry mob of striking Chicago workers, killing two.
It was only until September 3, 1916 that the Adamson Act was passed and the eight-hour workday was established.
Each year, on the first day of May, we remember the tragedy of May 1886 where Chicago workers were killed by police while striking for an eight-hour workday.
On May 3, 1886, several workers who were protesting for an eight-hour workday were killed.
It originated in the United States in 1886, when thousands of labourers took to the streets to push for an eight-hour workday.
Workers waged a long struggle and many laid down their lives for eight-hour workday. While Pakistan marks the day on May 1st, America and Canada mark the day on the first Monday of September and it is held on the fourth Monday of October in New Zealand.
The family has invested in modern systems to enable employees to finish operations within an eight-hour workday.
As a response to the concerns pertaining to the working hours of public school teachers, DepEd clarified that teachers are not exempted from the eight-hour workday in government, as resolved in the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No.
The day was marked across the country to commemorate the workers who laid down their lives in the American industrial town of Chicago some 132 years ago in May 1886 while demanding an eight-hour workday.
International Workers' Day began in Chicago as a protest campaign in support of the eight-hour workday. On May 01, 1886, workers took to the streets across the United States in a major struggle to reduce the worldwide 12-hour workday to today's eight-hours.
The city is tense, with striking workers demanding rights that include an eight-hour workday. While Addie's father, the owner of a hat shop, disapproves of the strikes, Addie's charming Uncle Chaim is a vocal supporter and participant.
When fully in effect, the measure will require overtime pay after an eight-hour workday or a 40-hour week, vs.