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Eijkman, Christiaan

(krĭs`tyän īk`män), 1858–1930, Dutch physician. He was head of the Pathological Institute of Batavia and later (1898–1928) professor of hygiene at the Univ. of Utrecht. His work at Batavia on the cause of beriberiberiberi
, deficiency disease occurring when the human body has insufficient amounts of thiamine (vitamin B1). The deficiency may result from improper diet (e.g.
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 led to the isolation of the antineuritic vitamins. For this he shared with F. G. Hopkins the 1929 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
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We thank the Centre of Tropical Animal Health Studies of Bogor Agricultural University and the Eijkman Institute Jakarta for their collaboration in field sample collections and sequencing.
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Given that the auditory and visual tasks both required difficulty-equated absolute judgments (or successive-type judgments; see Davies & Parasuraman, 1982) and that signal duration discrimination is based upon common mechanisms for both audition and vision (Eijkman & Vendrik, 1965; Loeb et al., 1966; Warm et al., 1975), the absence of modality effects on perceived workload may reflect the similar working memory demands of these tasks.
Gorter, Eijkman, and Hoogstraten found that Dutch dentists who attended a career counseling program that focused on cognitive and behavioral techniques reported less emotional exhaustion and greater personal accomplishments than did the dentists who did not attend the individual and group counseling sessions.
Christaan Eijkman (IKE-man) surveys a hospital ward packed with victims of beriberi a common disease in the far east.
Things moved pretty slow in those days, and it wasn't until 1900 that a Dutch medical officer, Cristiaan Eijkman, studied beriberi in East Indian prison camps, and found that people who ate polished rice got beriberi.
Since Eijkman had found that beriberi could be cured by dietary means (see 1896), biochemists had become aware of other examples of dietary-deficiency diseases.
Much research has focused on the question of how humans see, perceive, and remember pictorial information (Baggett |7~; Canelos, Taylor, and Dwyer |8~; Carpenter and Just |9~; Eijkman |10~; Fisher |4~; Hochberg |12~; Loftus |13~; Loftus and Bell |14~).
Sasmono is a senior research fellow at the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Eijkman centennial on infectious in the 2lst century, The Hague, The Netherlands, 13-16.