Einar Benediktsson

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Benediktsson, Einar


Born Oct. 31, 1864, in Ellidavatn; died Jan. 14, 1940, in Herdisarvik. Icelandic poet and journalist.

Benediktsson was educated as a jurist and served as a district judge. His literary activity began in 1897. In the poetry collections Waves (1913) and The Seas (1921), he praised technical progress. Later, he became less concerned with the country’s concrete problems. His poems are pervaded with the mood of pantheism (the collection Groves, 1930). In his sketches, Benediktsson advocated Iceland’s struggle for independence.


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Early in this century, one of the masters of Icelandic poetry, Einar Benediktsson, wrote a poem about the case that is still powerful enough to send a cold shiver through the reader.