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1. (in modern prosody) a pause, esp for sense, usually near the middle of a verse line.
2. (in classical prosody) a break between words within a metrical foot, usually in the third or fourth foot of the line



in poetry, a regular break between words in a poem.

In classical poetry, a caesura usually occurred within a foot; in accentual-syllabic verse it usually coincides with the foot ending. The caesura occurs after the second foot in the iambic pentameter line, as in “Eshche odno ∥ poslednee skazan’e” (“Yet one last tale,” Pushkin); after the third foot in iambic and trochaic hexameter lines, for example, “Dni pozdnei oseni ∥ braniat obyknovenno” (“The days of late autumn are usually cursed,” Pushkin); and occasionally after the second foot in the amphibrachic tetrameter line, as in “Gliazhu kak bezumnyi, ∥ na chernuiu shal’” (“I gaze like a madman upon the black shawl,” Pushkin). The longer the line, the greater the need for a caesura. Usually a strong intonational pause, a caesura approaches the strength of a line ending. As with a clausula, the foot preceding a caesura may by truncated or augmented; it may also rhyme, for example, “Tri u Budrysa syna, ∥ kak i on, tri litvina” (“Budrys has three sons, like him, Lithuanians,” Pushkin).



in music, a division between sections of a musical work. Together with other factors, a caesura ensures the perception of the articulation of a work and its structure. There are no special markings to indicate a caesura; in part, phrasing ligatures permit their location to be judged. In a number of instances, a caesura coincides with natural pauses between notes; they always appear after melodic and harmonic cadences, after a hold, and at transitions to a repeat. The significance, or impact, of a caesura is proportional to the scale of the sections it divides and the degree to which they appear a completed entity. In a number of instances, varying opinions concerning the location and significance of a caesura are possible; together with other features, such differences mold the distinctiveness of individual interpretations.

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Dem gegenwartigen Forschungsstand gemass stellt das Ende der Siedlungsplatze der Asva-Gruppe einen gravierenden Einschnitt in der Entwicklung im Siedlungswesen dar, und lasst die Pramisse zu, dass sich hinter diesem Bruch wesentliche Umstrukturierungen in den subsistenzbezogenen Wirtschaftsweisen verbergen, die nicht ohne Auswirkungen auf die sozio-politischen Beziehungen und Verhaltnisse geblieben sein konnen.
As part of the construction of the A9 highway is expected to make the equipment work in the covered trench Turtmann (Gedeckter Einschnitt Turtmann getu).
Best of all, instead of attempting to establish a consistent terminology for the different divisions of musical spans, Neumann acknowledges and explains the perennial confusion between Abschnitts, Einschnitts, incises, periods, and so on; he also deals with the even more elusive matter of how phrases are shaped and made apparent.