static Universe

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static Universe

A Universe in which the cosmic scale factor is independent of time. Einstein proposed a static Universe in 1916 by including an ad hoc repulsion term – the cosmological constant, λ – in his field equations of general relativity. This canceled out the natural tendency for a gravitating Universe either to expand or contract, depending on its energy content. See cosmological models; expanding Universe.

static universe

[′stad·ik ′yü·nə‚vərs]
A postulated universe that has a finite static volume and is closed.
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In Einstein's universe, space and time are warped by gravity.
GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein's universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research," he said, predicting the mission would "have a lasting legacy on Earth and in space.
JACK LIEBECK and Prof Brian Foster present Einstein's Universe at St George's Hall on February 5.
The immanentist, unitarian, impersonal, and pantheistic qualities of Einstein's universe stand in stark contrast to the transcendent, trinitarian, and personal structures of classical theism.
Einstein's universe had no room for this mechanistic association.
It is alleged by the Standard Cosmological Model that Einstein's Universe is finite but unbounded.
and the proper radius of Einstein's universe is, by (8),
If all that boggles your mind, there are ``Explainers'' on hand to guide you through Einstein's universe.
In Einstein's universe, all is in movement and nothing is at rest.
Change, in Einstein's universe, is not frantic but creative; all is held in check by its relationship to everything else.
Richard Gott III, author of Time Travel and Einstein's Universe (2001, Houghton Mifflin).
It has been pointed out before [7, 8, 3] that singular points in Einstein's universe are quasiregular.

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