Eke Name

Eke Name

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The secret name of a Witch. At initiation, a new Witch will take a new name of his or her own choosing. Along with the rest of the initiation, this symbolizes starting life anew or being reborn. Normally the eke name is used only in the Circle.

Most covens keep a list of names from which to choose, but there is no restriction to that list. Many Wiccans will choose a name that numerologically attunes to their birth date, to the Craft, or to the coven or covenstead.

A High Priestess—leader of a coven—has the appellation "Lady" before her name as a token of respect. In recent years, some traditions have allowed all female Witches to prefix their name with "Lady," and some have even introduced the term "Lord" for male High Priests, although this is not traditional.

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By the way, the word nickname started out as "an eke name".