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a term referring to a universal church, e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, in place of the more generic term CHURCH. See also CHURCH-SECT TYPOLOGY.
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the most common name for the popular assembly in ancient Greece. In the Athens of Pericles (mid-fifth century B.C.) and in other democratic poleis, or city-states, the ecclesia was the highest governmental body. It elected officials and exercised legislative, executive, and judicial power. In oligarchic poleis the authority of the ecclesia was limited by other governmental bodies, such as councils and collegia.

In many poleis, the popular assembly was given a special name; the term apella was used in Sparta, the term agora in Delphi and the cities of Thessaly, and the term alia in Argos, Epidaurus, Gela, and Acragas (present-day Agrigento). Writers of late antiquity used the word “ecclesia” to refer to the place where a popular assembly was held.

In Christian writings, “ecclesia” may mean either the community of believers or the church as a whole.

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When I speak of the ekklesia of wo/man as the hermeneutical center of feminist biblical interpretation and Christological construction, I do not speak of a women's church that excludes men.
Thus, ekklesia becomes a "place" or "event" of seeing, remembering, and connecting, of putting together what is fragmentary, pointing to what is true, enabling us to see and act, including in organized actions with others.
The Lukan Paul functioned through the system of synagogues and also "from house to house" and "from ekklesia to ekklesia ." Synagogues are non-existent in the letters bearing the name of Paul--the canonical.
A ekklesia crista pode ser definida como uma assembleia de cidadaos de pleno direito, de igual modo que se definem as assembleias politicas profanas.
She is a member of Ekklesia and the Cottage Grove Hospital Auxiliary, and is a volunteer at the Eugene Mission.
She is very active in her church community, the Ekklesia New Covenant in Holliston, where she sings in the chorus.
Wilson, a Baptist, describes ecclesial ferment among evangelicals and gives five examples: ancient/future Christianity; the Ekklesia Project; emerging churches; the missional church; and new monasticism.
And all I'm saying is, 'Wouldn't it be great if we did more of that?'" But Jonathan Bartley, director of Christian think-tank Ekklesia, said Mr Cameron's brutal cuts programme was attacking the poor and the weak - and would not have had Jesus's support.