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see Tell el AmarnaTell el Amarna
or Tel el Amarna
, ancient locality, Egypt, near the Nile and c.60 mi (100 km) N of Asyut. Ikhnaton's capital, Akhetaton, was in Tell el Amarna. About 400 tablets with inscriptions in Akkadian cuneiform were found there in 1887.
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He pointed out that the last delegation arrived on Sunday morning was a Spanish one grouping 26 tourists coming from Tel El Amarna archaeological sites and will leave after that for Ashmoneen.
In the El Amarna letters, Akko's kings (father and son) sent letters to the Pharaohs; it is mentioned several times.
Con la documentacion procedente de inscripciones y de archivos como el Amarna, Boghazkoy o Ugarit, Ma.
WE HAVE to go back to the 13th century BC to find the first evidence of brotherly relations between Cyprus and Egypt, when the then Pharaoh, according to the El Amarna archives, sent a letter to the Cypriot king addressing him as his brother.
En Egipto trabajo en el yacimiento de Tell El Amarna siguiendo los pasos de Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, y en Creta fue el heredero de Sir Arthur Evans en Cnosos.
The truth is that in the fifth year of his reign, Akhnaten moved his court from Thebes, for centuries the seat of pharaonic power, to the newly built Akhetaten, halfway down the Nile the Tell el Amarna of Barry Kemp''s book (The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti - Amarna and its people) where he drifted into megalomania, declining to listen to any opinion but his own, and approving of sculptured bas reliefs, which show the golden disc of Aten, reaching down to him and his queen, in a strikingly haunting concept, with each beam of light ending in a miniature human hand.
A survey of political treaties and the El Amarna diplomatic correspondence bears witness to the impact of the political ecumene (a term borrowed from Assmann) on the translation of deities.
En el mundo fenicio se carece de informacion precisa, aunque la correspondencia de El Amarna hace referencia a "las mujeres" del rey de Alasia (Chipre), el rey de Biblos tenia por lo menos dos y los anales asirios de los siglos VIII-VII a.
Syria and Egypt From the Tell El Amarna Letters by W.
But, among all the correspondence by kings were two rare letters that stuck out among the 382 el Amarna tablets uncovered a few decades ago by Egyptian farmers.
In 1930 five young archaeologists, led by the charismatic John Pendlebury, embarked on an expedition to Egypt to investigate the site of Tell el Amarna.
Por otro lado, existen otras fuentes para replantear la situacion de Asia en esta epoca, que son los relieves de las tumbas de altos funcionarios, principalmente la tumba de Huya en El Amarna, que muestran la entrega de tributo por parte de Asia.