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El Chichón,

volcano, Chiapas, Mexico, 40 mi (59 km) SSW of Villahermosa, rising to 3,478 ft (1,060 m). Also known as Chichonal, it had not erupted significantly in historic times until 1982, when a violent eruption created a crater .6 mi (1 km) wide and 984 ft (300 m) deep, killed some 2,000 people, and affected some 9,000 sq mi (24,000 sq km) in several Mexican states. The eruption was exceeded in the 20th cent. only by that of Mt. PinatuboPinatubo, Mount
, active volcano, 5,840 ft (1,780 m), central Luzon island, the Philippines, c.55 mi (90 km) NW of Manila. Dormant for 600 years, it began erupting on Apr. 2, 1991.
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 in 1991. There now is an acidic lake in the crater. A likely major eruption of the volcano c. A.D. 540 may have contributed to the Mayan decline in the second half of the 6th cent.
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scientific team found that big volcanic eruptions, such as Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 and El Chichon in Mexico in 1982, cut yields of wheat, soy and rice after spewing sun-blocking ash that blew around the world.
Located in Mexico, what are Popocatepetl and El Chichon? Volcanoes.
People also saw the Blue Moon after several incidents, such as after the eruption of the El Chichon volcano in Mexico in 1983.
Researchers looked at observational sea surface temperature (SST) datasets dating back to 1882 and found that out of five large volcanic eruptions during that time period, four of them (Santa Maria in October 1902, Mount Agung in March 1963, El Chichon in April 1982, and Mount Pinatubo in June 1991) were followed by a positive El Nino-Southern Oscillation pattern.
Scientists from Rutgers University in New Branchwick, New Jersey, were interested in samples of Southern oscillation after several volcanic eruptions in the tropics, including the eruptions of the volcanoes of Santa Maria in Guatemala in 1902, Agung in Indonesia in 1963, El Chichon in Mexico in 1982 and Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991.
These episodes followed the 1963 eruption of Mount Agung in Indonesia, the 1982 eruption of El Chichon in Mexico, and especially the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines, the largest in the last 100 years.
When the Mexican volcano El Chichon erupted in 1982, it killed 1,900 people and shocked many who had believed it to be extinct.
Krakatoa, Indonesia (1883), El Chichon, Mexico (1983), Mt.