El Cid

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Cid, El


(Spanish Cid Campeador, from the Arabic said, “lord,” and the Spanish campeador, “warrior”; real name Rodrigo Díaz de Bivar). Born between 1026 and 1043 in Bivar, near Burgos; died July 1099 in Valencia. Castilian knight famed for his heroic feats during the Reconquista.

El Cid defeated the Almoravides in the battle for Valencia, which he captured on June 15, 1094; he ruled over Valencia as an independent sovereign until his death. El Cid was idealized in the folk epos, as in the Cantar de Mío Cid. El Cid has been immortalized not only in the literary classics of Spain but also in those of other countries, for example, in works by P. Corneille in France and J. G. Herder in Germany.

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El Cid Resorts' guests often take advantage of the many diving and snorkeling opportunities that are the focal point for many dive tours from all over the world.
Christian conflict that forms the backdrop of El Cid will have a more personal resonance for Western audiences today than it did when the movie was released.
grant presa e pasando cabo sant pedro de cardenna do el cid yazie vn omne
The Marina Bar at El Cid Resorts expanded to accommodate the wishes of patrons who are searching for great food as well as a fantastic view of the marina.
La alusion a los hijos del rey Fruela y la comparacion entre don Honorato y el Cid ofrecen por primera vez en el texto retazos de la historia y literatura medieval espanola.
A diferencia del primer capitulo, el siguiente, "Crisis representacional," cuestiona la utilidad de los actos violentos en el segundo cantar y primera parte del tercero en cuanto a las relaciones entre el Cid y los infantes de Carrion.
1099 Spanish warrior El Cid, real name Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, died in Valencia, apparently of grief after defeat by the Moors.
As a professional dancer, she has performed at the tablaos (flamenco nightclubs) -- El Cid and El Matador -- as well as the Fountain Theatre and for the Los Angeles Music Center's education program for schoolchildren.
Birthdays: 1934: Sophia Loren, 70, Italian film actress, whose films include El Cid, Houseboat, The Fall of the Roman Empire and Attila the Hun.
In sound that is still demonstration worthy, especially in the El Cid music, the disc makes a unique bargain.
She is also a daughter of Luca Cumani's 1985 Cheveley Park winner Embla and, significantly as it turned out, a full-sister to the high-class Japanese performer Zenno El Cid.
It was a strange coincidence that the cameraman on Our Mutual Friend was the same man I worked with on the TV series El Cid, where I played a one-armed baddie.